Sunday, May 20, 2018

Boujee but (ain't) Broke

I may not have silver spoon stuck in my mouth but I know a thing or two about boujee makeup. My first purchase was the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl by Charlotte Tilbury back in 2015. The price was a bit of a pain in the arse but girl had to have it. Then, I fell in love with the By Terry Ombre Blackstar otherwise known as the most fabulous stick eyeshadows on the face of this planet. I got the color Misty Rock and fun fact, I’m wearing it on my lids as I’m typing this post (currently wearing my pink batik daster too. Life’s good). Ever since, beauty power houses have been coming up with revolutionary products, including Armani Beauty, which came up with a range of the most water-like yet long-wearing liquid lipstick called the Lip Magnets. They’re fab as well.  I’m sure Armani was the one who incorporated that kind of technology (or sorcery) into their products. Then Dior and YSL came up with similar products. 

YSL makeup products never piqued my interest. I remember loathing their liquid eyeshadow because I thought the packaging looked horrid. However, I’d seen people online loving their cult fave Touche Éclat clicky-pen thingy and their lip products as well. They said that all YSL lip products got this signature florally scent. 

I’m sure I’ve spoken about my change in preference when it comes to lipstick shades. I used to be this mad mauve-ish pink lipstick lover but now I’m more into nude lipsticks. I used to think that they’re pointless, but I guess karma got me. Whatever, they’re all I want in my stash now. I then stumbled upon and got smitten over this beautiful-looking nude-ish brown lipstick that was neutral but leaned a hair pink. And yes, it was a YSL lip product. I suppose karma does really exist.

The product in question was the YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain. I got the shade Singular Taupe, which Sephora described as deep nude. On me, it honestly looks like the color of my lips... but better. Under certain lights, it looks pinkier. Other times, I can see a hint of taupe shining through it. And yes, it has that florally scent which is not overwhelming whatsoever and doesn’t linger on your lips once you apply it.

The packaging looks beautiful. A bit weird to hold when maneuvering the product, but beautiful. I especially like the transparent frosted glass bottle. The most interesting part is the applicator. Its slanted rectangular shape reminds me of a spatula, but it works wonders in dispersing the products onto the lips and getting the edges neat. Big fat A++ for that.

Like the Armani ones, this also has a watery consistency which ‘sets’ in about a minute. It doesn’t suck the life out of your lips. When you drink, it will transfer into your mug, but the color stays intact on your lips. 5 hours later, it doesn’t look as full on as when you first apply it, so you gotta reapply (unless faded lipstick look is the one you’d go for).

This boujee-ass lipstick does not pay my bills nor does it erase my sins; it doesn’t completely blow my mind. Actually, it does when layered on top of the Makeup For Ever Aqua Lip Liner in 3C (a.k.a. another lip shade that resembles my natural lip color, but EVEN better). It’s a nice everyday shade which you don’t have to splurge on because there’s a myriad of cheaper alternatives out there. I was just feeling particularly boujee.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Guess Who's Back

B***h I’m back.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I’m still alive and well (Alhamdulillah. Not very positive about the latter, but still, Alhamdulillah). I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been thinking that I must have lost the interest in blogging. Some of you may have thought that I’ve been so occupied with other stuffs, that I have had no choice but to (temporarily) neglect this space. Well, people, you’ve been right. And wrong.

I think the main reason why I haven’t been as committed as I used to be when it comes to running this blog, is down to the fact that I was experiencing another phase of zit fest. Major, zit fest. Back in my early teen years, they were no strangers to me. They were everywhere, those bloody zits; my face, my chest, my back... ah, puberty days. Glorious. This time round, however, I’m pretty sure it was caused by my inability to  identify signs of stress.

Stress is a part of our daily lives. It always have been. You have experienced it. I sure have. But the one that I’d consider as the most stressful period I’ve ever been through was when it disrupted my menstrual cycle. Not to mention the nights I spent profusely sweating while tryna get some beauty sleep in a room with the AC turned on. The sweat was hella smelly as well. Girl couldn’t have her sleeping beauty moment. Bottom line is, stress could potentially mess up your body.

Now, the stress presented itself in the form of tiny little bumps across my jawline and neck. Prior to that, my lower cheek areas got super dry and dehydrated, that I felt the need to switch up my skincare routine. I basically had no proper skincare routine. Back then, I only used The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and a cheap moisturizer from Garnier. The mini bumps then started appearing and my skincare routine just wasn’t as effective. Ergo, it wasn’t the skincare routine per se, it was something else; stress.

I feel sorry for myself for not being able to know that I was stressed out. There were even days when I just didn’t want to put some makeup on. I just didn’t care. So, I tried to give myself a little break everytime I felt the need to and take things a bit slower and easier. This also triggered me to learn more about skincare products, which led me to ending my relationship with my TBS Tea Tree facial wash after 10 years of being together (sorry boo, apparently SLS is no good for the skin). Ever since, I’ve completely changed my routine. I think I’m now have a pretty decent skincare regimen, which involves more than just washing and moisturizing my face. I will put up a separate blog post on this one if you’re curious. Anyway, it’s gotten better now, my face.

Another reason why I have been MIA for the past weeks is because I just lost interest in makeup. WILD. OK for real though, don’t take this the wrong way. Lemme explain.

The internet and makeup used to be sooo much fun. One product launch used to get everyone excited, one collab got everyone and their dogs hella ecstatic. The hype, back then, was enjoyable. Today, I don’t get to experience that anymore. I can’t feel the excitement. Now, everything feels very “competitive”. I get it, brands have to tease and release new products every 5 seconds in order to stay relevant in today’s lightning-paced business era. However, from a consumer’s standpoint, being constantly bombarded with new product releases isn’t fun, man. I no longer feel the spark.  This doesn’t mean that I have stopped loving makeup nor  have I no interest in purchasing new makeup. As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner in the color 3C (much influenced by Ms. Allana Davison). Never thought I’d be into nudes, but hey, people change. And oh, it’s not even a newly released makeup.

I think that explains why I’ve been losing my mojo. But worry not, for I’m getting it back. I’m even starting to put some makeup on again. It’s just simpler now and only involves 3 products (usually it involves a full-on smoky eye). Expect to see a whole post just all about that soon ;)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

For Damsels Who Need to De-stress

Earlier today, I went to this spa place called Soleil Spa (just for the ladies. Sorry lads). It first opened in Kota Harapan Indah just around 3 months ago. I discovered this place on Instagram and they also put a link to their menu on their profile. I was interested to try their I Want All menu, which consisted of a deep cleansing facial, full body massage, and foot massage (they worded the descriptions in a much fancier way) at seriously seriously affordable price. So then I contacted the place via WhatsApp and made my appointment.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Keshia, who apparently runs the place (and whose lipstick looked gorgeous and perfume smelt oh so amazing!). Then, she handed me a form for me to fill in. There were questions like how strong of a pressure I’d like for my body massage, which area of my body I’d want the therapist/masseuse to focus on the most, and so and so.

Then, Keshia gave me a mini briefing about the procedures of the treatment of my choice. She explained (elaborately, might I add) about the steps of the facial treatment, the kind of products she would use on my skin type, and gave me some advice on some products that I should avoid. After that, she showed me a selection of massage oils and asked me to choose between Vanilla Coconut, Frangipani, Lotus, and Lavender. Each smelt good, but the first one was divine. It had a sweet scent but not sickening at all.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about Keshia. Prior to opening the spa place in September this year, she took a diploma course where she learned about the theories of facial and all that good stuff. I believe she also took a CIDESCO training and is now a certified facialist (how cool is that?). She also used to work in one of Indonesia’s bougee-est, luxury resorts in Bali. So not only does she has the know-how about facials, but she also has the hands-on experience. Oh, and apparently the oils, scrubs, and lotions used there were also the ones used at the place where she used to work at in Bali!

Anyway, she then took me to my treatment room, where she gave me a kimono and disposable panties. By the way, the bed sheets and kimonos are always replaced with freshly washed ones after treatments, so rest assured new guests won’t get cross-contaminated with God knows whatever.

Then, she performed the deep cleansing facial on me. The process involved exfoliating my face (no harsh grainy scrubs used), massaging it, extracting the blackheads/whiteheads from my face (which I had been meaning to get rid of for the longest time), and slathering my whole face with mud mask. Like, my eyes and lips were covered in mud mask. Speaking of lips, she also put some lip balm on my dry, dry lips. How thoughtful! Oh, and by the way, she used new facial sponges (fresh outta its packaging) and drinking water for the facial.

After the whole process was done (sad times), she showed me some of the extracted comedones and boy was that part the most satisfying! She also reminded me to up my water intake to help with the dehydrated-looking lips and told me that she used The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid on me to help reduce my post-acne marks. My face felt so soft and supple after the treatment! She also gave me a tip to be more strategic when applying my moisturizer.

The following treatment was the foot massage and full body massage. This time ‘round, I was treated by Mba Ayu. The massage that she gave was waaay better than the one I had at B***** S****. The massage was so relaxing, I almost caught some zs. After the entire process was finished, I was given a nice cup of wedang jahe and some cookies.

All in all, I was super happy and well-pampered. To me, the star of the show was the deep cleansing facial. I wish it lasted longer! I might or might not shed a tear during the blackhead extraction process, but it seriously was so gratifying. Keshia was so profesh and customer-oriented, and Mba Ayu was really awesome as well. I can’t wait for my next me-time session there and to try their VIP Class menu!

So, if you live around Harapan Indah area (or anywhere, really) and are in the mood to give yourself a little treat, definitely check this one out. Psst, they’re currently having a 10% off promo for all treatments! And if you’re lucky enough, you can get up tp 50% discount for your next visit. Come come!