Thursday, December 31, 2015


If you’ve been a devoted reader of this blog, then you’d know that the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette is one of the things I’ve been lusting after. I can’t exactly remember whether it was Zoella, Tanya Burr, or Lily Pebbles who first let me know about this brand, although it wasn’t the palette that they were raving about. It was the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set that contained 8 makeup brushes for the face and the eyes. They said that the quality of these brushes were amazing and the best part was the inexpensive price. I was thinking about getting that set, but I didn’t think I’d get much use out of the face brushes, since I’ve already owned a few of 'em. It was the eye brushes that I had been meaning to get. Recently, Zoeva released their new En Taupe collection, which consists of an eye shadow palette and a matching set of eye brushes. When I saw the palette for the first time online, I was sort of captivated by the design of the packaging, but not so much about the color ensemble. They were quite ‘meh’ for my liking. The eye brushes set, however, was downright gorgeous. So I went to Luxola Indonesia’s website, placed my order, and AGES later, that well-packaged set of beauty arrived safe and sound at my door.

The Zoeva En Taupe Eye Set is hands down, one of the prettiest things I’ve ever beheld. I mean, look at the details of the swoon-worthy design. For me, it looks like a work of art. The set comes with a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL clutch (don’t even get me started with how cool the metal zipper is) and 6 eye brushes.

The first brush that I’m going to talk about is called the 227 Luxe Soft Definer, that is said to be the dupe of MAC 217. I love how fluffy and versatile this brush is. Mainly, I use this to put on some transition shade, define the crease, and marry the colors on my lids together. But I also use this to sculpt my cheekbones, temples, schnoz... you name it. Then, we have the 228 Luxe Crease brush is great for a more detailed crease work, say, a cut crease look. I use the 230 Luxe Pencil brush to smoke out my lower lash lines, the 317 Wing Liner to draw the cat-flick, and for the brows, I use the 322 Brow Line. I don’t really use slanted, eye brushes like the 317 one to draw my eyeliner. As for the 238 Luxe Precise Shader brush, I haven’t used this number at all. But I suppose it’s good for putting on some inner corner highlight? I’ll figure out what to use this for.

Told ya, it is a gorgeous set. They’re lovely to work with, beautiful to look at, and wash well. I’d say this set or any other Zoeva's brush sets will make a great gift for a makeup lover, a makeup noob, or someone who is just trying to slay her eye makeup game. Now, why does all of that sound familiar...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dear Santa...

Tomorrow’s the Christmas Day! Not one to celebrate Christmas but I personally really, really enjoy the vibe; the festivity, the warmth and togetherness, the Christmassy movies (hands up if you’re re-watching Love Actually and The Holiday for the umpteenth time!), the idea of exchanging gifts.... I mean, one can never be too old for a little pressie, right? Although now I guess I’m already too old (and far too heavy) to sit on Mr Sinterklaas’ lap. But that ain’t gonna stop me from wishing. I mean how could I ever be? The list keeps getting longer, Santa might have to prepare a separate bag just for me. Being a good girl that I am, I managed to streamline my wishes. Now, I present to you the 5 items that’s been up there on the top of my wish-list. For the time being...

My number one pick has to be the Most Expensive Eyeshadow Palette of them all, which is the Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette no. 2. The palette consists of different shades of... basically my favorite color. I came across this brand when I was watching one of Nikkie de Jaeger’s YouTube videos many, many moons ago. At first, I wasn’t drawn into this product at all. Until everyone else and their mother began to rave about the exceptional quality of this eye shadow palette. This is not the easiest item to get your hands on (depending on where you reside) and the price is hella steep. But if everybody’s saying that it’s that good, then it must be well worth the bang for the buck.

Another eyeshadow palette that I’ve been meaning to get is sitting at a much lower price point, but also not easy for me to get hold of. It is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. Unlike the said Natasha Denona palette, this palette has a mix of warm neutrals. It also contains some reddish/orangey browns and a gorgeous cranberry shade that I can’t wait to put all over my lids and pair with some gloss on the lips.

Speaking of lip glosses, there are several ones from different brands I’d like try out. But currently the ones that I covet the most are the Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquers by Marc Jacobs Beauty. On one of her videos, Jaclyn Hill talked about a nude beige shade named Sugar Sugar. She said that she was looking for a gloss that was similar to what Kris Jenner had been wearing because Kris’ lips looked like they were wet, but not uber pigmented. Well, Sugar Sugar seems to be too pale for my complexion, however something about it tickles my fancy. Every shade from this range does.

There’s also another lip product that I’ve been lusting after and it’s the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vivien, a purpley/plummy red. Been loving some deep, bold colors lately! I already have Anna on my stash and reviewed here but I reckon that she needs a company. Tee-hee.

The last thing on this list may come as a surprise for you because it’s not makeup-related. Finally. Before I get into it, here’s a little story. Back in my elementary school days, PE was one of my favorite subjects. I might not be the best at throwing a basketball into the hoop, but I never failed at basic floor exercises (not the crazy hardcore ones, just the backward/forward rolls) and was always the first one to cross the finish line, making running my favorite exercise. After those days, I hadn’t really been exercising regularly. Until around a month ago, my body kinda signaled me that I needed to incorporate workout back into my life and I took it pretty seriously. It then led me into splurging a pair of legit running shoes, which I had never thought I would do in a million years. Seems like a big deal?

I used to see the running lifestyle as a temporary trend orchestrated by sportswear giants like Nike and Adidas to merely boost their sales. Primarily Nike though. I always thought that people would do a ‘5K’ run, ‘10K’ run, or a ‘True Brown K’ run (sorry I just had to) for nothing but a chance to take a pic of their fancy schmancy running wardrobe and showcase it on their social media platforms. Clever marketing tactics, I must say, but I just couldn’t get the hype.

However, after that moment of realization and the purchase following, I made myself commit to doing a morning run once a week, every week. Ever since I added this routine, my body’s been feeling better. It’s helped me with my sleeping disturbances and I’m getting faster week by week *pats self on the back*. So yeah, that shoe purchase seems like a big deal to me because it’s made my body feeling much better, which I’m very happy about.

I’ve also been googling for information about what you’re supposed to wear when you’re doing different types of workout. Apparently, the outfit you wear will most definitely impact on your entire workout experience. That little research also led me into following Instagram accounts such as @nikerunning, @nikewomen, @reebokwomen, @adidasrunning, etc. The more accounts I follow, the more pictures I double tap. And the more pictures I like, the more things are added into the list... And I’mma be like “GIVE ME DEM SPORTS BRAS!!”

Now, I can totally relate to people who would trade their money for a proper running experience and I cannot wait for my next run... to the sportswear store. LOL JK.

Okay, that was probably my longest babbling ever on this blog. But how about you? What do you want for this Christmas? I’d be happy if you share it with me on in the comments section below. :)

Ho-ho-hope you all have a merry little Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Year is It Again?

Marsala is said to be the color of 2015 but everyone including Kylizzle and probably their mothers are gonna have to disagree. Thanks to her, people have been slapping the classic, 90s-inspired brown lipsticks onto their pout this year. Looks like I’m currently inside the Kylie Jenner Lip Trend Appreciation Bandwagon but believe me when I say that I didn’t decide to get the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993 because of her. BELIEVE ME.

This is pretty much Kylie Jenner in a tube. It is a cool-toned brown that leans more taupe and has more of a satin finish than matte. I’d say that this lipstick has the creamiest texture I’ve ever tried, because this is sooo buttery,  applies smoothly, and feels comfortable on the lips. The only thing that bugs me is the scent. But it doesn’t linger, though. The pigmentation of this lipstick is insane in just one go. On me, this stays for 4-ish hours after a series of drinking and wudus.

I find it often hard to pull of if I apply this in a direct swiping motion, because I can look like a (#TresChic) corpse in the end... It looks much better when applied in a light dabbing motion. But still, I want find out how to werq this number. What should I balance this with? A blusher with certain undertones? Heavily mascaraed lashes? H... hello...?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Seeing Double

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If you grew up watching movies that starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, then I think we have something in common. Some of my favorites include Passport to Paris, Winning London, and When in Rome. I remember watching their movies repeatedly because the twins were so cute back then. Now, the pair have become grown women and established their own fashion brands. The brand in particular that I’m going to talk about here is called Elizabeth and James. You might wonder why the twins didn’t name the line after them, because I did wonder the same thing as well. But not for too long. Later on, I found out that they named the line after their sister, Elizabeth, and their brother, James. Have you seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron which features the Maximoff twins characters? One-half of the twin, Wanda Maximoff, was played by Elizabeth Olsen. As for James... well I’m not too keen to Google some information about him, let alone talk about him here. Lazy.

Okay. On to the brand. Elizabeth and James not only does provide fashion bits such as clothes, handbags, and accessories, but they’ve also got their fragrances department. The latter is what I’m about to talk you through because I got some stuff from that range. Know what the best part is? It comes in a pair of two.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set consists of two perfumes. Each is housed in a small, glass rollerball bottle and has gold-colored twist-up cap. Both are marketed for women but they’ve got a duality to them; the Nirvana White is more feminine, whereas the Nirvana Black one has more of a masculine top note.

Nirvana White is a “captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication”.  I personally have absolutely no idea of how delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk would look like in real life, much less how they would smell. It smells florally and fresh, and that’s how I would verbalize my perception on this one. The other one, which is the Nirvana Black, described as “an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine”. The rich vanilla is the only thing I’m familiar with. However, I think it’s not a heavily scented vanilla perfume. It has more of darker, muskier, and warmer notes to it. When I put this on for the first time, I was quite unsure whether I was gonna love the black one or not. But as the time went by, I got used to the scent and have been experiencing any scent issues, should such thing exists.

Each perfume can be worn on its own or mixed. More often than not, I layer the black one over the white one. And as the name would suggest, together they make one that smells heavenly.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Reds

The other day, I saw Muti’s blog post about the latest shades of MAKE OVER Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick. MAKE OVER is the sister brand of Wardah, if you haven’t known already. Both are local brands but each has different market segmentation and of course, price points. I’ve tried some products from both brands and am never disappointed with them.

Anyhoo, back to the subject of Muti’s blog post, there, she swatched all the new 8 shades that range from peachy nudes to deep reds. Every single color looked good on her. However, the last color that she lip-swatched did appeal me. Today, it lives in my drawer.

On the bottom of the slim, matte black lipstick tube, it says 015 Fame Fatale. The color reminds me of Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood (GORGEOUS color. Google it if you don’t believe me!), which is a deep wine red color, I’d say. I did take a photo of me wearing this number and when I transferred it to my Android phone, the color looked lighter on the phone's screen than in real life. Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful color though.

Because it’s a deep red (pretty intimidating to apply without causing any error), it’s best to apply using a lip brush first. After trying my best not to mess with the lip-lining job, I follow through with directly gliding the bullet over my lips. It feels a bit creamy like the ColourPop Matte Lippie Stix, but it has a little less slip than the ColourPop ones have. After it sets, I can no longer feel the creaminess.

I don’t want to bother myself to test the longevity of this lipstick because throughout the day, I will most likely be eating (a lot) greasy meals and drinking (a lot more) water. All of those activities are going to remove the color from my lips and leaving them looking like a ‘butt hole’. If that happens, it ain’t gonna look pretty so I’m gonna have to do a little touch-up, and that will defeat the purpose of the test. However, because it’s matte, it’s supposed to be long-wearing anyway.

If there’s one thing that the brand should improve on, it’s the packaging. I find that I need to be extra careful when twisting up/down the tube, because every time I do so, I feel like the bullet is going to fall out of the tube. I find the same issue as well on the packaging of Wardah matte lipstick range. Other than that, I’m cool.

All in all, it’s a great product. I mean, look at the color! If your lips tend to get dry, just make sure to exfoliate them first then apply some lip balm. Next, take a tissue, put it between your lips, purse your lips and blot any excess balm. After that, put that matte red lip on and pair it with lashings of mascara, and you're all set.

Turns out that the idea of wearing a red lip isn’t that intimidating at all :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

So I Went to A Masami Shouko Outlet...

...And brought home a few things.

I have always had my eye on the Bobbi Brown and MAC eye brushes but they're not the most affordable things to purchase. The much cheaper alternatives like the Makeup Geek and the Morphe ones are also on my wish list, however they're not quite easy to get hold of. Lucky you US gals who are able to get your hands on them with the offered affordable price benefits, not to mention the generous discount codes. We do have a few online shops/resellers here that have got some Morphe brushes in stock, however they cost twice the price. Thanks to the shipping cost, taxes, and all that jazz. Aside from brushes, I've also been meaning to get the ever so popular Beauty Blender. But again, it's way too pricey for a sponge. I mean, how can a makeup sponge be so ridiculously overpriced?! 

Now, on to the research question; is there any brand that offers makeup brushes and sponges with decent quality and price point? After conducting a thorough observation at my local mall, I might have come with Masami Shouko as an answer. And here's what I got:

#216 S Dome Brush  a.k.a The 'Good' Purchase  It looks like a regular, small crease brush to me. I mainly use this to define the outer V and smudge the lower lash line. The bristles feel stiff enough to pick up a lot of product, yet fluffy enough to blend the product in. The plastic handle makes holding it feels so light, but not at all flimsy.

#210 Small Blending Brush a.k.a The 'It’s Good, But there's one thing though...' Purchase Is the one with the longer plastic handle as seen on the picture above and basically, as the name would suggest, a blending brush. I’m not really sure on how I feel about this one. It gets the job done, but I find that the bristles often shed.

Beauty Blender a.k.a. The 'Best' Purchase, The 'Game-changing' Purchase and/or The 'Thank God I Found You' Purchase Is a straight up Beauty Blender dupe. I mean... look at the shape! So identical. Simply wet the sponge until it expands, squeeze the excess water until it's damp, then it's ready to use. This sponge makes any liquid foundations/cream products possible apply seamlessly! It makes my foundation blends into my skin so well and makes me look like I have second skin. I think I’m a sponge gal now. Thanks to Shirin! I feel like I could get the pleasure from stippling/tapping my face with this thing.

In conclusion, if you fancy yourself some affordable makeup tools, I'd say try paying a visit at your nearest Masami Shouko counter. Maybe, you might as well discover some hidden gems there, if you're lucky. However, if you're a bit unsure, I suggest doing a preliminary research beforehand ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oops, Kathleen Did It Again

There were times when my ‘Explore’ page on Instagram was filled with photos of people with their dusty, mauvey-pink lip on. Probably because I had spent too much time searching for hashtags like #ColourPopLumiere and #KathleenLightsLumiere before I managed to get myself one─plus 692375 other lippies with similar shade. You see, the said lip color definitely has its moment these days. One person puts it on, then the rest of the world follows. Kinda like a spreading fever.  But there’s also another ‘fever’ that’s been all over the place pretty recently, and it’s known as #MiamiFever.

No, I’m not actually talking about a contagious disease here. I’m talking about a liquid lipstick shade that Kathleen Fuentes created with Ofra Cosmetics. So yeah, she did it again. Beautifully.

Miami Fever reminds me of bricks, color-wise. It’s a terracotta red–the kind of red that doesn’t look intimidating when put on. So it’s good for people who are beginning their red lip repertoire (or anyone, really), because it’s the kind of red that’s easy to pull off at any time—which makes a great excuse for me to get something that’s not mauvey-pink. Sneaky. I’d say, it’s like a summer in a tube. Hence the shade name. The actual product is packaged in a tube with a doe-foot applicator, has a texture of a mousse that is much moussier than the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Once applied, it quickly dries to a matte finish, which is the effect you’ll get from typical liquid lipsticks.  

When I put it on for the first time, it wore well for around 7 hours. I did eat some greasy meal after 5-hour mark, then the color began to fade from the center of my lips. I also drank a lot of water and it did transfer to my cup. 2 hours later, the color completely disappeared. One thing I’d like to say is that it kinda felt a bit drying on the lips during my first time wearing it. After that, however, I have worn it for a number of times and haven’t experienced any issues. Oh, and it left that “butthole” lip after lots of drinking and eating, if you know what I mean. It’s a common thing with liquid lipsticks, I guess. (I heard that the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks won’t do that to your lips. Too soon?)

So, if you are searching for an alternative to the classic Taylor Swift red, or wanting to start wearing a red lip but at the same time unsure about which one to get, or simply just trying to find an excuse to do some retail therapy, then why not consider checking this one out? It’s got great color, impressive staying power, and the brand also offers a myriad of other gorgeous shades as well. I fancy me some Mocha.

I know.

Old habits die hard.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Gal's Guide

Before you buy that one makeup product you can’t wait to get your hands on, say, a lipstick, it’s best to search for swatches on the internet. We all know that sometimes, what the models wear on the advertisements can look totally different in real life because advertisers use Photoshop, and we don’ get photoshopped as we walk fearlessly with that bold, red lip on. So, don’t get fooled easily. There are tons of realistic lipstick swatches online so just type and click away on Google. Or better yet, watch those lipstick swatches videos on YouTube. There, you’ll find lots of videos where girls (or guys) describe what lipsticks she (or he) is about to swatch, put one lipstick shade all over their lips, do some poses, remove the lipstick, then do the same thing to the rest of the remaining shades all over again. There are also YouTubers who don’t say anything at all on their lipstick swatches videos and just pose, pose, and pose some more. But they do put some informative descriptions on it and/or add some voice over, plus some background music. I used to think that those techniques were very commonly used among YouTubers from all over the world. Until, I discovered a YouTube video titled the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick Swatches, which is the brainchild of Mariah Leonard, the woman behind The Gal’s Guide.

When I first saw that video, within seconds, my jaw instantly dropped in awe. I expected this video to be like other videos I had seen, but it wasn’t like those at all! The way she presented that lipstick swatches video was unlike any other. She had her own ways and added her own unique artistry in creating that astounding video. Her editing skills and techniques deserve all the ‘thumbs up’ in this world. Not to mention her selection of background music. If there was an Oscar for “Best Lipstick Swatches Video ‘, then she would have taken the trophy home. She totally raised the lipstick-swatching video bar to a whole new level!

The 25-year-old aspiring YouTuber/mother of an adorable 3-year-old boy also did a swatch video of the Urban Decay Vice4 and the Urban Decay Spectrum eye shadow palettes. Usually, typical eye shadow swatches videos show you a person dips her (or his) fingers onto some eye shadow shades and swatch them on their forearms. But you won’t see the same on the said swatches video. Go check it out and surprise yourself.

Of course, she not only does product swatches videos, but also makeup tutorial videos as well. Her one of a kind way of thinking that she puts into her makeup tutorials is another thing that I love about this woman. They are always sleek and minimalistic-looking, which I’m all about. She makes sure that all the attention goes to her face in a non-eye-sickening way by choosing the proper background color and outfit to wear – it’s the small details that matter the most! I also feel like her videos got this hazy, grayish vibe that I somewhat adore. It’s another thing that distinct her from others. She often gives useful and educative information as well. So, besides watching visually captivating short motion picture, you can actually learn something from her videos.

Most of the time, she doesn’t follow the trend that every other YouTubers is following. But even if she does, she always puts her own unique little twist to it. Believe me when I tell you that her makeup skills are all kinds of amazing. It’s like she puts the ‘art’ in ‘artistry’, and that is manifested through her stunning videos and Instagram photos. Or shall I say, works of art.

Now, as my fingers dance across the keyboard, she has got 43k YouTube subbies and 33k Instagram followers. I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see the wonderful works of Mariah Leonard.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna re-watch that Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick swatch video and let myself drown into the pool of amazement for the umpteenth time.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's a Liar

I’ve had a fair share of mauvey-pink lip products and  now I’m very keen on trying other shades within the color spectrum, like nudes. But I don’t want a cadaverous nude, I want a nude that still leans more... pink (a very bold move to step out of that comfort zone). I also want that nude to be wet-looking. So, I opt to go for the lipglosses this time ‘round and I suppose the Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in the shade Liar ticks all that boxes.

The packaging has a badass-looking gunmetal cap engraved with the Urban Decay logo on the either sides and on the top of it. But my favorite part of the packaging is the artsy, see-through tube made out of glass with the word “Revolution” carved on it. Also, it feels heavy when I hold it with my hand, which for some reason, I like. I have nothing much to say about the doe-foot applicator except for the fact that it has quite an unusual shape compared to other regular doe-foot applicators. It gets the job done without causing me any fuss, though.

I’d describe the color of the gloss as a  warm, nude peachy pink that pairs beautifully with a smokey eye. The color payoff is highly pigmented, hence the “High-Color” claim. One layer is enough but I usually apply 2 layers because I just love applying it. This lipgloss applies evenly over my lips, makes my lips look a bit plumper and feel moisturized after applying it. I haven’t thought about testing the lasting power of this product because lipglosses doesn’t have that long-lasting formulations unlike matte lipsticks and the fact that I drink water from glass in every 15 minutes, but I can assure you this stays so well on my lips, even after lots of drinking. It obviously transfers into my glass, which is normal.

I think I’m slowly transitioning from a matte lip-gal into a gloss-gal now. I’ve been eyeing the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer and the Buxom Lip Polishes. Oh just give me all those wet-looking glosses.

PS: Much love for Adani, the one who helped getting this for me!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

BLOGTAKEOVER: Chic Transition From Fall Foreground to Winter Wonderland

Hello Kids,

Different? Yes and please, don’t confuse yourself! Let me firstly introduce myself.  My name is Yoga and I’m an online style personality…a fashion blogger they call. I have been writing since Junior High School – discussing and exploring about style trends ever since. I’d like to make people confident and feel good about themselves through their outfit. I believe that a proper mix of colors, the perfect fit t-shirt and jeans, could possibly boost your confidence to a higher newer level.

Fashion and beauty have been the perfect definition of Yin and Yang – both compliment and definitely complete each other. Ms. Nadia is a very good friend of mine and I have decided to create this whole new thing called a blog takeover. I’m obsessed with what Ms. Nadia has been doing to her blog and I think, my blog needs that and vice versa. We have decided to takeover one’s blog and discuss about a different focus. Hence, it will provide more tips and knowledge to our audience. Ok stop, I talk to much :”)

Soooo, October will come to a close in about 3 days – so what’s that mean? Go hang your sleeveless coat in the closet and burst your oversized and cashmere shall out; cause winter is coming your way! As a style blogger, I have always believed in colors. People say winter is sad and we should all wear grey – Are you kidding me? Honey, don’t believe that, this is the time where color might save your life during this season.

I always make and design my own fashion set to give my readers an idea on the things that are on my mind. Like the one I just posted above J let’s get through it one by one.

  • Color, color, color – we need to always play with color regardless of what season it is. I have decided to have a pretty basic look, which Is a perfect white shirt and a skinny jeans
  • On top of the shirt, wear your chic and colorful coat! This green Burberry coat compliments the basic look and gives a little pop of color to the look
  • Keep your sneakers in your closet, let’s get wild with high knee boots. I have always seen people wearing wither black or brown boots – Let’s try something different! A chic grey boots make your look pops out even until the tip of your toe!
  • Based on my personal experience, shoulder bags and handbags are a little hard to handle when you wear a big coat. So, I’m going with a very chic envelope clutch. It’s easy to carry and accessorize the whole look.

So there you go, kids! I hope it does help J If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to poke me some questions or comments. If you want to see more of style tips and some lust-haves, come over and pay a visit to my blog on – See you guys soon! xoxo