Monday, June 22, 2015


Finally, I made a blog.
Maybe, you’d think that “d’uh, it’s just a blog and everybody’s been using it since ages ago. Where have you been all this time?”
Well, actually, this is not my first time creating a blog. I once had one back in 2008/2009 and then I stopped blogging – oh how I miss those “blog walking” days. Back then, I mainly rambled on movies because I was such a movie freak. Not that I am not now, though. I’m trying to remember why I stopped, but I just can’t. Perhaps I found other cooler stuffs to plunge into aside from
“What brings you here again?” you might wonder.
I have always had this thing in my head. One thing that I have envisioned since March 8, 2014. Basically, that thing is blogging again. However, I don’t want my new blog to be plain and boring and like any other blogs there are. I have always wanted this blog to be different. At least for me.
I didn’t just start as soon as the idea popped in my head. I just couldn’t. I had so many things to consider that I actually slowed myself down from moving forward efficiently – I didn’t have enough resources that cater to what I want. I kept waiting for the stars to be aligned, but they never were.
Many moons later, it occurred to me that waiting will only get me nowhere. Screw the Gods of the Stars. As Shakespeare once said, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…”
Rely on yourselves. Believe in what you are capable of. Or whatever the hell that quote means (interpretations can be very, very subjective, right?)
Long story short, I decided to coincide the birth of this new blog with my birth date. And here I am now, living my visions while at the same time welcoming you to my little corner of the Internet that will be filled with my reveries; from thoughts on life, and obviously, musings on makeup.