Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pot o' Bronze

As seen on the picture above, you probably can tell what I’m about to bring you. Yep, it’s gonna be the lowdown on Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in the shade Bad to the Bronze. It’s a cream eye shadow housed in a rounded glass pot with black plastic lid that you can twist off to open. I wear this on my lids nearly every single day because this product is so practical to use and easy that I can always just use my ring finger for application. The color of this cream eye shadow is bronze (duh) with sheen, metallic finish that doesn’t look OTT for everyday wear. It has a creamy smooth consistency. But it sets and dries quickly once applied, which gives you little time to blend the edges of the applied product. Also, because it sets rather quickly, bear in mind to securely close the lid.
I’ve never used this for a full 24 hours though (who wants to wear makeup for that long?). However, it sure lasts on my eyelids for hours and hours even without primer underneath. The pigmentation of this product is great. One layer is enough for me for an everyday look, but it can be built up if I want extra sheen on my lids. Like all those girls say, “a little bit of sheen on the lids won’t hurt…”.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kat Flicks Made Purrfect

If you had seen this post, then you would have known my longing for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Finally, after so long, I’m (exceptionally) happy to tell you that I have one in my possession now! Ever since I got it, I’ve been using it religiously. It’s a daily staple for me!

The “ink” or the liquid liner is housed in a pen-like, black, matte packaging with some cool design “tattooed” on it. Like my Stila one, this also has a cap that bounces and makes a clicking sound when you use it to close the pen. This type of cap ensures that the tip of the product won’t get dry.

Speaking of the tip, the applicator looks kinda like a felt-tip. But, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually a brush tip that’s very pointed and precise. The precision of this brush tip really helps in getting into the inner corners and making the tail of the flicks look crisp and clean. I found that the tip is not as bendy as my Stila one, which makes it waaaay easier to maneuver. Also, it disperses the “ink” so  smoothly and easily without tugging my lids.

The product itself is basically a black eyeliner. But this is not just a regular black eyeliner that looks grayish on certain lights. It is very, very jet black. Probably the blackest black I’ve ever used. It shows opaque color payoff in one swipe and dries into an almost matte finish.

“Waterproof” is one of this product’s marketing promises and one of the qualities I always look for in an eyeliner. After putting it to the test, I can tell that this survived wudus after wudus . It also stayed on my oily lids MUCH better than my Stila one, which means that the lasting power of this eyeliner shouldn't be questioned. The inner and outer edges did fade though but I’m pretty sure it was because of my oily lids. 

Overall, this product gets a big, fat A+++ from moi. I love this eyeliner so so so so much (can’t you tell?) and I use this almost every day it makes me fear that I’m about to finish this up anytime soon.

So, if you’ve got oily lids (or not) or you're simply just looking for a(n) good awesome, jet black eyeliner that is waterproof and stays like tattoos, then get your paws on this one!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Cure for 'Cursed' Hands

My daily activities on Mondays to Fridays require me to be in a room with cool temperature (read: I’m a corporate slave that sits in front of her laptop for hours to deal with pretty boring stuffs like emails and post-program reports, while at the same time desperately trying to be frugal on spending her $$$ and waiting for the 25th day of each month to come so she could splurge on new makeup. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by AWESOME working buddies).

Being in a cold room for hours has its downsides. My skin gets so dry, especially the knuckles of my hands. The other day, they got so dry that they reminded me of Dumbledore’s hands when he got that curse from one of the Dark Lord’s horcruxes. Okay. That was a little too exaggerated. They really were very dry and chapped and cracked and dark-looking, though (like the Dark Lord... not). It was about time for me to give more attention to my skin, my largest organ.

Normally, before making a purchase, I’d do a little research to find the best (and affordable) hand cream in the market. But, I couldn’t stand the condition of my hands no more so I just made a quick decision to get one of The Body Shop’s hand creams. Initially, I wanted to get the Moringa one (which smells divine), but they didn’t have it when I got there. So, I picked up the Shea Butter one.

Since then, I had been slathering it onto my hands religiously. Once applied, I could still feel the grease linger. Not like major greasy, though. It did moisturize my hands. However, it didn’t necessarily hydrate nor cure them. Days went by and I was just about to finish the whole tube. So I began my endeavor to find a new one. A much better one

I then popped into a local Watsons to look for a better hand cream and I was suggested by a lady who worked there this particular product called Baume de la Fleuriste by Corine de Farme. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the brand and the packaging wasn’t the most exciting of things (yes, sometimes I judge a product based on its packaging). But in the end, I decided to take it home with me.

This product had a fresh scent to it that made me think of the Mother Nature. When I first applied it, it absorbed quickly into my skin. It felt lightweight and non-greasy whatsoever. I also saw a noticeable difference after first time using it. My hands felt moisturized, hydrated, and plumped, if you will. It somewhat reduced the ‘darkness’ of the cracked areas on my knuckles. I’ve not stopped using this ever since.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” seems legit. Now, I’m pleased to report that my hands are getting better and better each day. I never leave my house without making sure it’s in my makeup bag.  I highly recommend this for those of you whose hands need a little TLC!

Oh, and one more great thing about this product is that it is more than twice the size and costs less than twice the price of The Body Shop ones. So yeah it blows The Body Shop Hand Creams completely out of the water.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lippie Stix Lullaby

Last year, NARS released their Audacious Lipsticks collection. This collection consists of an array of lipsticks ranging from dark plums, bright reds, tawnies, to neutrals ̶ there’s something for everyone. I’ve been digging dusty, pinky mauve lip products lately. So, when I stumbled upon this particular shade that goes by the name of Anna… I thought I just had to have it. 

My obsession toward it grew as I stumbled across so many makeup reviewers singing its praises. It’s got great pigmentation. It’s pinky. It’s mauvey. It’s everything I’ve been dreaming for in a lipstick. It ticks all the boxes, except one; it’s NARS.

“It’s NARS”? Why? What about it? Okay lemme break my thought process down for you:

A. It’s NARS. It’s on hell of an expensive brand. 
B. There are no NARS stores around where I live. (Even if there is one, see reason A).

Ergo: I’m stone-broke. And broken-hearted. 

Then, just when I decided to bury my dreams, I came across one of KathleenLights’ photos on Instagram. In the picture, she was wearing this gorgeous lip color that looked really similar to Anna. When I scrolled down to see the caption of the photo… I found salvation to my broken heart.

On her lips was ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumière. And my… it was like love at first glance. After doing a little research about the company, I found that they are collaborating with beauty YouTubers to produce makeup. How exciting is that!? Imagine you have your own makeup with your name imprinted on the packaging, plus you get the chance to design the whole concept; the formulations, the colors… such a makeup hoarder’s dream. Anyways, here’s the best thing that I found; their Lippie Stix only costs $5, which is nearly 7 times cheaper than the NARS Audacious Lipsticks. I needed to make a purchase.

I then started hunting for it, but I couldn’t seem to find Instagram shops that offer reasonable prices for their products until Adani came to the rescue and told me where she got Lumière at much lower price. And so a purchase was made.

The product itself is housed in a white, slim twistable tube. The slim, slanted bullet really helps in getting into my cupid’s bow. One swipe gives great color payoff. It also applies really evenly and smoothly on my lips (I exfoliate my lips daily and nightly). This claims to be matte but it definitely never dries out my pout. Because it’s matte, it lasts for hours and hours. However, it does transfer when I’m drinking water from a mug and rub off every time I’m eating greasy meals. But hey, a little touch-up is totally fine with me!

All in all, I’m chuffed with this product. So affordable yet offers such a great quality. I can see myself getting more and more of the Lippie Stix in the future…

This doesn’t mean that I’m no longer interested in having Anna. One day, it will be mine. It shall be.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Rocket That Flies My Lashes over the Moon

To the moon. And back.

Applying makeup is one of my favorite things to do. Especially if I’m about to leave the house. It’s like an excuse to use up my makeup items so then I can buy new makeup to add to my arsenal (tee-hee). For everyday wear, I want my makeup to look great, last long, and be quick to put on. So I’m up for any product that claims to provide HQ results without causing any fuss. Like the Volum’Express The Rocket Mascara by Maybelline, a lash defining tool that promises to give “clump-free”, “explosive volume” to your lashes in “rocket-time”.  That sounds right up my street!
Now, hear me singing its praises. First off, I think it’s safe to say that this product delivers what it says! A quick sweep onto my lashes and they instantly look more lengthened (or shall I say, skyrocketed?). It also gives them the desired thickness for my everyday look with just one coat. Once applied, it doesn’t make my lashes look clumpy and spidery. Plus, it dries in a jiffy which is great for glasses wearers like I am; I don’t have to wait for like 5 minutes before I put on my spectacles. I can wear this mascara throughout the day without having to worry about smudging, smearing, and the like. Oh, and one more thing, it holds the curls well.
Maybelline definitely know how to do lashes. So, what do you think? Interested in adding this beaut into your shopping list?  Or, are you planning to visit the nearest Maybelline counter so you can peruse before making your purchase? Let me tell you, they also do great cream eye shadows. But more on that next time...