Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Cure for 'Cursed' Hands

My daily activities on Mondays to Fridays require me to be in a room with cool temperature (read: I’m a corporate slave that sits in front of her laptop for hours to deal with pretty boring stuffs like emails and post-program reports, while at the same time desperately trying to be frugal on spending her $$$ and waiting for the 25th day of each month to come so she could splurge on new makeup. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by AWESOME working buddies).

Being in a cold room for hours has its downsides. My skin gets so dry, especially the knuckles of my hands. The other day, they got so dry that they reminded me of Dumbledore’s hands when he got that curse from one of the Dark Lord’s horcruxes. Okay. That was a little too exaggerated. They really were very dry and chapped and cracked and dark-looking, though (like the Dark Lord... not). It was about time for me to give more attention to my skin, my largest organ.

Normally, before making a purchase, I’d do a little research to find the best (and affordable) hand cream in the market. But, I couldn’t stand the condition of my hands no more so I just made a quick decision to get one of The Body Shop’s hand creams. Initially, I wanted to get the Moringa one (which smells divine), but they didn’t have it when I got there. So, I picked up the Shea Butter one.

Since then, I had been slathering it onto my hands religiously. Once applied, I could still feel the grease linger. Not like major greasy, though. It did moisturize my hands. However, it didn’t necessarily hydrate nor cure them. Days went by and I was just about to finish the whole tube. So I began my endeavor to find a new one. A much better one

I then popped into a local Watsons to look for a better hand cream and I was suggested by a lady who worked there this particular product called Baume de la Fleuriste by Corine de Farme. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the brand and the packaging wasn’t the most exciting of things (yes, sometimes I judge a product based on its packaging). But in the end, I decided to take it home with me.

This product had a fresh scent to it that made me think of the Mother Nature. When I first applied it, it absorbed quickly into my skin. It felt lightweight and non-greasy whatsoever. I also saw a noticeable difference after first time using it. My hands felt moisturized, hydrated, and plumped, if you will. It somewhat reduced the ‘darkness’ of the cracked areas on my knuckles. I’ve not stopped using this ever since.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” seems legit. Now, I’m pleased to report that my hands are getting better and better each day. I never leave my house without making sure it’s in my makeup bag.  I highly recommend this for those of you whose hands need a little TLC!

Oh, and one more great thing about this product is that it is more than twice the size and costs less than twice the price of The Body Shop ones. So yeah it blows The Body Shop Hand Creams completely out of the water.

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