Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kat Flicks Made Purrfect

If you had seen this post, then you would have known my longing for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Finally, after so long, I’m (exceptionally) happy to tell you that I have one in my possession now! Ever since I got it, I’ve been using it religiously. It’s a daily staple for me!

The “ink” or the liquid liner is housed in a pen-like, black, matte packaging with some cool design “tattooed” on it. Like my Stila one, this also has a cap that bounces and makes a clicking sound when you use it to close the pen. This type of cap ensures that the tip of the product won’t get dry.

Speaking of the tip, the applicator looks kinda like a felt-tip. But, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually a brush tip that’s very pointed and precise. The precision of this brush tip really helps in getting into the inner corners and making the tail of the flicks look crisp and clean. I found that the tip is not as bendy as my Stila one, which makes it waaaay easier to maneuver. Also, it disperses the “ink” so  smoothly and easily without tugging my lids.

The product itself is basically a black eyeliner. But this is not just a regular black eyeliner that looks grayish on certain lights. It is very, very jet black. Probably the blackest black I’ve ever used. It shows opaque color payoff in one swipe and dries into an almost matte finish.

“Waterproof” is one of this product’s marketing promises and one of the qualities I always look for in an eyeliner. After putting it to the test, I can tell that this survived wudus after wudus . It also stayed on my oily lids MUCH better than my Stila one, which means that the lasting power of this eyeliner shouldn't be questioned. The inner and outer edges did fade though but I’m pretty sure it was because of my oily lids. 

Overall, this product gets a big, fat A+++ from moi. I love this eyeliner so so so so much (can’t you tell?) and I use this almost every day it makes me fear that I’m about to finish this up anytime soon.

So, if you’ve got oily lids (or not) or you're simply just looking for a(n) good awesome, jet black eyeliner that is waterproof and stays like tattoos, then get your paws on this one!

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