Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pot o' Bronze

As seen on the picture above, you probably can tell what I’m about to bring you. Yep, it’s gonna be the lowdown on Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in the shade Bad to the Bronze. It’s a cream eye shadow housed in a rounded glass pot with black plastic lid that you can twist off to open. I wear this on my lids nearly every single day because this product is so practical to use and easy that I can always just use my ring finger for application. The color of this cream eye shadow is bronze (duh) with sheen, metallic finish that doesn’t look OTT for everyday wear. It has a creamy smooth consistency. But it sets and dries quickly once applied, which gives you little time to blend the edges of the applied product. Also, because it sets rather quickly, bear in mind to securely close the lid.
I’ve never used this for a full 24 hours though (who wants to wear makeup for that long?). However, it sure lasts on my eyelids for hours and hours even without primer underneath. The pigmentation of this product is great. One layer is enough for me for an everyday look, but it can be built up if I want extra sheen on my lids. Like all those girls say, “a little bit of sheen on the lids won’t hurt…”.

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