Thursday, August 27, 2015

Plum-ped Pout

I have a long, long wish list of beauty items I want to have and Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in the shade Plum Pop was once included in it. Was? Yes, I finally scratched it off my wish list!

I wanted to have it since months ago but back then, it wasn’t sold in Indonesia. Until around last month, when I visited a mall near my manor (do I sound rich or what), I saw a humongous poster of the aforementioned product. Apparently,  it’s been officially sold in Indonesia since then. However, I didn’t walk into the store that day. I didn’t want to purchase it just yet.

A couple of days later, I saw Adani’s blog post about Plum Pop. She mentioned that the color is in the middle of MAC Syrup and MAC Plumful, which both are also included in my wish list. So then I thought, if Syrup and Plumful had a baby, it’d be Plum Pop! After I finished reading her post, I made up my mind to make a purchase. ANOTHER Adani-enabled purchase.

When I heard that my childhood buddy is coming home from the states, I immediately contacted her and asked her to do a little favor – I asked her to get the product for me at a local Sephora (because the price there is not as hefty as in where I live), plus some other stuffs (a little favor, you said?). And that, my friends, is a brief tale of how I got my Plum Pop.

I really like the packaging of this and the rest of the range. It’s very sleek and minimal, yet it has a pop of color. The color itself is a plummy, mauvey-pink (surprise, surprise). How can it be not a Nadia color? (that being said, expect more pinky-mauvey lippies posts to come!).

Of course, it wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t put it to a test. So I did. Texture-wise, it felt very creamy. Pigmentation-wise, it was really good! Full, bold color-payoff in just a single swipe. It applied evenly over the lips and had no scent. The website says that it’s supposed to stay on the lips for 8 hours and because it says “Primer” I expected it to be long lasting. However, it only stayed on my lips for around 3 hours with lots of eating and drinking from glass. Maybe, if I hadn’t eaten and drunk that much, it’d last longer. Oh, and it did leave a mark on the glass. Well, it’s not an ultra-matte lipstick anyway.

I wanted to see whether or not it’d stay throughout wudu. So I reapplied and made wudu. After that, I noticed that the color still stayed on my lips. I just think that this is something worth mentioning :)

To summarize this post, I think it’s a great lipstick. It’s got amazing color coverage, lasts for a fair amount of time, and feels smooth and creamy on the lips. Now, allow me to look back at my wish list and scratch something off it some more… 


  1. Hihihi :''') senangnya ku di mention kk.. kk mau liat donggg di kk gmn lipstiknya???

  2. Jadi berapa total jumlah lipstick kamu nad? 😊