Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Lip Color That Melts My Heart

Surprise, surprise. Welcome to another round of mauvey, purpley-pink lip product post. This time round, it’s going to be about the cult favorite Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Fig. Every time I stopped by my local Sephora, they were always out of stock and I saw people like Temptalia and Jamie Paige raved about it so isn't it supposed to be something?!

It’s not just your regular lipstick in a bullet. It’s a liquid lipstick in a squeezy tube. The tip is actually a sponge. So the idea is you squeeze the tube and the liquid lipstick will come out through the sponge. When I initially squeezed it, I put a little pressure to it but the liquid didn’t spurt all over the place. A little goes quite a long way so I didn’t have to keep squeezing as I applied it. It felt like a gloss so it had a shiny look/feel to it. But It didn’t feel hydrating whatsoever and the shine disappeared after about an hour of wear, leaving the lips with a beautiful purpley-pink stain. It has the “long wear” promise so of course I expected it to last long, not to mention that Temptalia said it lasted for six and a half hours on her so it better be long-wearing! So I decided to do a little test. 

On the day when I first used it, I was disappointed by the longevity of this self-proclaimed long-wearing liquid lipstick. Because after I put it on, the color disappeared after just about an hour. The entire color. Gone. Poof. To see if there wasn’t something wrong with my eyes, I asked a friend if she could tell whether I was wearing anything on my lips or not. She said that I looked like I was wearing something on my lips. But then I kept looking back into my compact mirror and I swear that my lips looked like my regular lips! I instantly thought that maybe there was something wrong with my lips and planned to sell it. But I decided to reapply it and that time, it somehow worked. 

On that second round, the color lasted for 3 hours with lots of eating and drinking from glass (can't you tell I eat a lot?!). It even lasted through wudus. So, what went wrong on the first trial? I’m guessing that maybe, on my first trial, the proportion of the oil on the product squirted/applied was higher than the pigment. And maybe, on the second round, it was the other way around ─ Please don’t say that I got the dud one. Anyways, after that 3-hour mark, my lips looked like I only had lip liner on the edges of them.

Ever since that experience, I think I may have found a way of using it properly. Next time, maybe I should just shake the packaging to make sure that the oil and the pigment are mixed well. Or maybe, I could just position the tube upside down before I use it, so I could get the most pigment out of it. Maybe, I should just stop saying “maybe” on this post. But one thing’s for sure, it’s a gorgeous pink-that-leans-toward-purple shade and I loooove it. 


  1. Oil in the formula is def my problem with it as well! Kalo udah beberapa lama gitu jadi separate produknya. Si Samantha batalash beauty juga ga suka gara2x oilnya... tp aq ttp suka sm ruby q wkwk

  2. Omg kirain cuman gue doang!! Huuu PR bgt mb. Tapi emang Melted Ruby bagus jugaaa pake dong yang full-on