Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm (Argan) Spoiled

Everybody’s got problems…

…including myself. In particular, one of my problems is that I’ve got dry and damaged hair. Back when I was MUCH younger, like when I was 7 or something, my hair type used to be straight and normal and shiny and luscious. Until I got introduced to a technology named flat iron.

“Why the heck did you have to flat iron your straight hair?”

I know, I know. Truth is, I can’t remember why I did so. Probably because I was just curious with how that device would change my look. Anyhoo, there was a time when I constantly flat ironed my hair until the tool broke. But I didn’t repurchase for another one and I was left with this straight-but-somewhat-a-bit-weird-and-wavy-and-damaged hair type. Until I got my hands on another hair-straightening tool a few months back and have started using it on a daily basis ever since.

I’m totally aware that my mane’s already damaged and I’m damaging it even more. But, I’m trying to balance things out by taking care of them. I always condition my hair after shampooing them, followed by applying some hair vitamins onto the strands of my hair. My locks does feel softer after doing all those steps, but I don’t feel it’s enough.

I have a friend who does what I do to her hair. She once told me that she includes argan oil on her hair care regime and claimed that it helped her damaged, never-not-straightened hair. I had heard about argan oil and its natural benefits before and known brands that produce argan oils for beauty uses like Moroccan Oil and Kerastase, but they cost a fortune. The Body Shop also offers the same thing with more affordable price, but the ingredients are partly pure argan oil and mostly chemical stuffs. My friend told me that she bought her argan oil at an online store on Instagram called @spoilorganics and convinced me that the ingredients used to make their products are all natural. I then visited their page and read some convincing, positive reviews from their customers. Long story short, I purchased myself a bottle of argan oil.

Adding that oil to my hair care routine definitely makes a difference, although not that significant. My hair feels much softer and more manageable. This oil is not particularly targeted for your hair only, though. It can be used as a facial oil as well because it’s a dry oil. I have oily skin and at first, I was scared that it would break me out and make me look like an oil slick if I put this onto my face. Gladly, it didn’t. I used only 2 drops, though. I’m sure if I had put more than 2 drops, my face would transform into a grease ball. Since then, I have used it on my face as well. I have to say though that it doesn’t do much at curing my blemishes and whatnot, but it does the job at nourishing the drier, patchy areas of my face. I’d say that this works wonders at reducing the appearance of my chest acnes (I’ve got so much problems, don’t I?). Like, if I put some on my chest tonight, then the next day the acnes will most likely be gone. So, I guess now I got one less problem!

If you’ve got the same problems like me, consider getting one of the Spoil Organics Argan Oils. I'm currently halfway through my 2nd bottle. Will there be any 3rd bottle? Hmm... I'm torn between getting it or the Rosehip Oil. Or perhaps, the Tea Tree Oil? Problems...


  1. Hi, I'm a fan of your blog! great review!
    Would you mind telling me about the price of that argan oil?
    Well I have used tea tree oil once, the body shop once for my acnes, it didn't work that well though. Even pond's did much better.
    Please keep blogging! thank you :)

    1. Thank you! How sweet <3 the Spoil Argan Oil costs IDR 110K. They also sell Tea Tree Oils for IDR 120K each. The Body Shop one worked for me though, however I think it could be quite drying and it doesn't contain pure, natural ingredients like the Spoil ones do.

      I will keep on blogging, only if you keep on reading <3 tq mbbbbb

  2. NAD! you need to try the Kiehl's midnight recovery oil, I swear it's crack and it helps with healing your scars.. I've converted 5 ladies already using's pricey but worth it! Patrick aja smp pake, and that says a lot ;)

  3. I knoooow! I've been eyeing that product since I can't remember and I will get that!!!!