Thursday, October 29, 2015

BLOGTAKEOVER: Chic Transition From Fall Foreground to Winter Wonderland

Hello Kids,

Different? Yes and please, don’t confuse yourself! Let me firstly introduce myself.  My name is Yoga and I’m an online style personality…a fashion blogger they call. I have been writing since Junior High School – discussing and exploring about style trends ever since. I’d like to make people confident and feel good about themselves through their outfit. I believe that a proper mix of colors, the perfect fit t-shirt and jeans, could possibly boost your confidence to a higher newer level.

Fashion and beauty have been the perfect definition of Yin and Yang – both compliment and definitely complete each other. Ms. Nadia is a very good friend of mine and I have decided to create this whole new thing called a blog takeover. I’m obsessed with what Ms. Nadia has been doing to her blog and I think, my blog needs that and vice versa. We have decided to takeover one’s blog and discuss about a different focus. Hence, it will provide more tips and knowledge to our audience. Ok stop, I talk to much :”)

Soooo, October will come to a close in about 3 days – so what’s that mean? Go hang your sleeveless coat in the closet and burst your oversized and cashmere shall out; cause winter is coming your way! As a style blogger, I have always believed in colors. People say winter is sad and we should all wear grey – Are you kidding me? Honey, don’t believe that, this is the time where color might save your life during this season.

I always make and design my own fashion set to give my readers an idea on the things that are on my mind. Like the one I just posted above J let’s get through it one by one.

  • Color, color, color – we need to always play with color regardless of what season it is. I have decided to have a pretty basic look, which Is a perfect white shirt and a skinny jeans
  • On top of the shirt, wear your chic and colorful coat! This green Burberry coat compliments the basic look and gives a little pop of color to the look
  • Keep your sneakers in your closet, let’s get wild with high knee boots. I have always seen people wearing wither black or brown boots – Let’s try something different! A chic grey boots make your look pops out even until the tip of your toe!
  • Based on my personal experience, shoulder bags and handbags are a little hard to handle when you wear a big coat. So, I’m going with a very chic envelope clutch. It’s easy to carry and accessorize the whole look.

So there you go, kids! I hope it does help J If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to poke me some questions or comments. If you want to see more of style tips and some lust-haves, come over and pay a visit to my blog on – See you guys soon! xoxo


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