Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flattering Flutters

On her book titled “Make Up”, Michelle Phan mentions that eye makeup is the hardest makeup to master. I completely agree with that. Eye makeup can be very tricky and complicated. I mean, it takes trials and errors to ace that symmetrical cat-flicks, right? At the same time, eye makeup is something fun to do too. I think, eye makeup allows endless possibilities for you to take advantage of and come up with creative looks, ranging from donning three shades of brown with a coat of mascara for going to work, to blue-pink ombre eye look with graphic, purple liner for Instagram purposes.
Back to the time when I didn’t understand the purpose of wearing eyeliner, every time I see people with perfect, even winged-liners, I was always impressed yet intimidated at the same time. Impressed because it looked flattering, yet intimidated by the thought of me being unable to apply them correctly, ever. That paradoxical feeling made me decide to challenge myself and triggered me to actually purchase my first eyeliner ever and practice using it. After some months, sticky tapes, and Q-tips later, I think it’s safe to say that I can draw cat-flicks in less than 10 mins now. Okay maybe sometimes more. Now, I almost never leave my house without donning those flicks. Funny how something that I used to fear is now a part of my staple.  
Eyeliners are cool, they make such a difference to your look. However, this look can often be hard to pull off by people with certain eye shapes, like those beauties with hooded eyes, downturned eyes, or monolids. If you are either of the three, you might wanna tweak your way to lining your eyes. Try tightlining your top and bottom waterlines instead. Compared to regular eye-lining, tightlining is a much quicker and simpler way to make your eyes look more defined. (But if you think you can pull it off, then just slaaay emmm gurrrlll).
Besides lining the eyes, false lashes make a great alternative/addition to make those eyes look even more defined. They’re much easier to put on compared to those liners! Before I came to that realization, I had never thought I would be brave enough to purchase a pair, let alone wear them. I thought, putting on a coat or two of mascara on the lashes would give the same result as wearing a pair of false lashes. Apparently, I was not quite right. Depending on the design, false lashes can bring a world of a difference to your entire look. And here’s the best part; they suit anyone with any eye shape! So then my first foray into false lashes began and I got myself a set of false lashes by a local brand called Beautiful Lash. And they live up to their namesake.
I got myself the Sexy 01 set which comes with 3 pairs of synthetic, strip false lashes and a dinky little water-based adhesive. I’d say that they look quite natural. The lashes flare out toward the end so it adds a bit of va-va-voom to them, which I think looks flattering. I don’t need to cut them because I have no problem with the size. The lash band is soft and thin, and the ”hairs” are the perfect thickness to my liking. Also, they are rather easy to apply for a noob like me. Place them properly and they’ll feel as if they’re your real lashes  ̶  they’re so lightweight, you’d forget that you’re actually wearing false lashes. This also means that they’re comfortable to wear.
A set costs IDR 45000. The lovely lady behind the brand who I met when I purchased these said that they can be used for up to 8 uses. So, it’s a pretty good deal. They wash really well too. I just use regular anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid to wash them and afterward, they look like brand new.

I think they make one step closer to mastering eye makeup.  As with everything else, it does take some practice to apply them properly, though. But they’re not a pain in the butt to put on anyway so that’s already a plus! The Sweet Collection lashes make such a great choice for beginners, I’d say. Currently, I’m very keen to try out the Diva 02 set (upping your game, eh?) Oh, in case you’re wondering what they look like, check out their Instagram page @beautifullash_id and have a look around. You’ll probably see someone’s eyeball over there too.

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