Thursday, October 8, 2015

Glory Glory, Scrub and Glory

A few months ago, I was told by my friend Anggy that my local Sephora was having their first anniversary and they were going to be giving away some freebies for the first 100 people who could come to their Plaza Indonesia outlet. Prior to getting those freebies, we had to regram a picture on their Instagram page, wrote some hashtags, and so on, and so on ̶ you get the gist. Unfortunately, none of us could make it. Apparently, a few days later, they were about to do the same thing at their Kota Kasablanka outlet. Luckily, I was able to make it around that time. But Anggy wasn't. You should've gotten up earlier! :P

Strongly motivated by the thought of getting a free Beauty Blender, I arrived at that mall even before it was open for public. But by the time I got in, there were already lots of people queuing outside the store. Even the Sephora hadn’t opened its doors yet!  Probably around 80ish people there. Looking at the amount of people, I was quite pessimistic. I but I just crossed my fingers anyway. It turned out that I was fortunate, because I was the 95th person on the line! Pretty close, huh? I then got in, showed the regrammed photo, filled in some paper, and the moment of truth came.

No Beauty Blender to be seen inside my freebies bag. Whatever.

However, there were lots of other good stuffs apart from that thing so I was still lucky! One of them was a body scrub called The Scrub of Your Life by Soap & Glory. The brand is known for their makeup, skincare, and bath products. But, it’s also popular because of its funny, punny product names like One Heck of a Blot (compact face powder), Glow Job (tinted moisturizer), and Orangeasm Body Wash ̶ you know my love for puns, right? Very clever and catchy. Also, the bath products/exfoliators are known to have delicious scents, you might think they're good enough to eat.

I hadn’t tried anything from that brand so I was quite excited to give the scrub a go. The scrub contained tiny pink beads in it which acted as the exfoliator. There might be some actual teeny weenie sugar crystals in there as well. The scent was so yummy, sweet, and lemony, I could actually lick myself. But I didn’t. As I rubbed the product against wet skin skin, it turned into foam. So it was really gentle for the skin. I had to rinse myself a lot longer than I normally would though, because the foam made my skin very slippery. After I was done with the whole rinsing shebang, my skin felt so smooth and smelt so delish. I too noticed that the appearance of my chest acnes were reduced.

Another finding in regard to this product is that this could work as a substitute for shaving oils/creams too. Normally, I’d shave my legs using the Mustika Ratu Olive Oil but one time, it was nowhere near me. So I just used the scrub instead and it worked better than the olive oil one. It helped my razor blade glided smoothly and easily over my legs. After I rinsed my legs off, they felt really smooth as well.

I once tried scrubbing my face with it even though I knew It was supposed to be used on only your body and as I applied it on my face, I could feel that the scrub was not gentle enough. But that day I had this frikkin’ zit sitting on my forehead and trust me when I say that it totally KO-ed my zit! I just thought that this worth a little mention.

So I guess that made me luckier than I had thought. And if you’re looking for some glorious scrubbing experience, I’d say consider getting this one! Careful not to eat yourself though...


  1. I re-read your blog posts during my long way home from work (killing boredom!) And I happen to just realized this one!! Haha..I've been mentioned and yeah, I thought so too..should've woken up earlier that day 😀
    Anyway, miss you lady! We should hang out soon...before the baby pops!

    1. Aaah your comment makes me so happyyyy :""")

      Miss u too! Yesss we should meet up soon <3