Thursday, October 22, 2015

Somebody Asked Me to Do Her Makeup. Wait, What?

About three weeks ago, Ika asked me to do her makeup for a special occasion she was about to attend, which was her high-school friends’ wedding solemnization ceremony. That surely took me by surprise because first of all, I’m not a professional makeup artist. Second of all, I had never done somebody else’s makeup, not to mention scribbled a perfect line on somebody else’s eyes who was about to attend a special event as such.... I told her to hire a professional makeup artist to do her makeup instead because I thought doing so would guarantee her to look great, especially for such occasion. But then she said that she just wanted a simple makeup look and she thought that I for sure could do that for her. I finally said okay and hoped that I wasn’t going to screw this one up.
Of course, doing makeup on other people’s face is no rocket science (at least for a heavy-handed person like I am) so I decided to do some practice. Luckily, a friend at work was willing to be my lovely model--HAHA. I only did her eye makeup without applying any eyeliner because I was scared as heck to put it onto her eyes. Besides, I already told Ika that I couldn’t line her eyes and she also said that eyeliner wouldn’t be necessary. So, I guess I was (playing)  safe?
Anyway, this work friend of mine hardly ever wears makeup. So I thought a simple makeup look wouldn’t be too much for her to pull off and it’d still look appropriate for work, kinda like a daytime smoky eye. Before I began doing her eye makeup, I took a look at her eye shape and that moment reminded me that "everyone’s got different facial features". I had heard about that saying for a million times before, and sitting in front of a person whom I was about to put makeup on and studying that person’s nooks and crannies just made me further understand that saying. Things just got real there for a noob like me!. I then started applying some cream-based eye shadow all over her lids, followed by putting on some powder-based eye shadow through her crease. When I did this step, I realized that more often than not, I could be a little too heavy handed and overboard when picking up productseven on myselfmaking “less is more” such a legit saying. So to tackle this problematic habit of mine, I made sure to take small amount of the powder eye shadow, tap off any excess product, or dust some of the products off on the back of my hand. I should had followed that general rule of thumb but I was such a creature of habit! OK no more excuses…
I was happy with how the eye makeup turned out. And so was she. Others seemed happy too because they gave my friend compliments. Even though it was my friend whom received all those kind words, I somewhat felt rewarded and glad for her. So gratifying.
Alright, moving on to the D-Day. Ika said that the ceremony started at 10AM and thought that I could start do her makeup 2 hours prior to the big event. But I thought I needed as much time as I could get because I should be able to, you, know foresee potential mishaps and do my best to not make it happen. Especially on her face–or shall I say, my client’s face? Plus, I didn’t want to rush anything in such a short period of time. So I said that I’d be at her place at 7AM.
I then arrived at her place. She was staying at this hotel room with a humongous window, which was just what I needed. Compared to other types of light, natural light is your best friend when it comes to doing makeup. She was going to be taking pictures outdoors anyway, so it was perfect.
Seating arrangement is another thing that was important. Doing makeup on others required me to do certain gestures and move into certain positions. I had to be seated most of the time, but sometimes I needed to stand on my feet. This part was a bit tricky at first but I managed to get the hang of it eventually.
Speaking of something tricky, you know how I feel about eye makeup, right? Out of every step in doing makeup, this one has always been the trickiest and mos challenging for me to do. So I thought, I’d start with this one and move on to other steps I would less likely to mess up on. Great thing that I didn’t mess up on this one. But, what if I did? This is the part when things like makeup remover, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and Q-tips would come in handy (and a note to self to make sure that I carry these in my kit next time ‘round!)
Next up is base makeup. My friend’s skin-tone is deeper than I am and I don’t have a plethora of foundations with diverse shade selections. That can be a bit of an issue if you’re working with people whose skin-tone is different than yours. But a person doesn’t need to buy every shade of foundation there is to complete his/her makeup kit--we’re not talking about Lisa Eldridge or Pat McGrath here. I reckon at least owning 2 foundations that consist of a light and a dark shade would do just alright because you can always mix and match them to suit many skin color. Anyhoo, luckily Ika got this covered and we used something from her own kit that obviously matched her skin perfectly.

Just when I was about to finish, she said that a friend of hers, Claudia, would like me to do her eye makeup. I thought that doing just eye makeup wouldn’t take too much time therefore I could move on to get Ika’s face done. However, it turned out to be more than just eye makeup, she’d like me to do her entire face. The only problem I had with this is that I needed to work on her makeup as quickly and as mess-free as I can in a limited amount of time. I had expected to do only a person’s makeup. She said that she was happy with the result but to be frank, I wasn’t as happy with her makeup as I was with Ika's. Maybe that was because I really took my time when doing Ika’s face and made sure that everything went on according to what I had pictured Ika’s look on my mind. But, the thing that made me happy the most was that I managed to line her eyes. Of course, errors were inevitable at first, but they were small errors that nothing a Q-tip and a Vaseline couldn’t fix. *Self-pat on the back*.

Just slayin'.

Seeing smiles on their faces when they looked at themselves in the mirror after everything was done made me really happy. Hearing compliments that was given to those girls from other people just doubled my happiness. I’m well aware that I don’t have advanced makeup skills or whatever, but this experience has made me learn a lot.

I know this is such a long post but I hope that you find this informative and educative, at the very least :)

Now, moving on to the brush-washing duties...

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