Thursday, December 10, 2015

Seeing Double

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If you grew up watching movies that starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, then I think we have something in common. Some of my favorites include Passport to Paris, Winning London, and When in Rome. I remember watching their movies repeatedly because the twins were so cute back then. Now, the pair have become grown women and established their own fashion brands. The brand in particular that I’m going to talk about here is called Elizabeth and James. You might wonder why the twins didn’t name the line after them, because I did wonder the same thing as well. But not for too long. Later on, I found out that they named the line after their sister, Elizabeth, and their brother, James. Have you seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron which features the Maximoff twins characters? One-half of the twin, Wanda Maximoff, was played by Elizabeth Olsen. As for James... well I’m not too keen to Google some information about him, let alone talk about him here. Lazy.

Okay. On to the brand. Elizabeth and James not only does provide fashion bits such as clothes, handbags, and accessories, but they’ve also got their fragrances department. The latter is what I’m about to talk you through because I got some stuff from that range. Know what the best part is? It comes in a pair of two.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set consists of two perfumes. Each is housed in a small, glass rollerball bottle and has gold-colored twist-up cap. Both are marketed for women but they’ve got a duality to them; the Nirvana White is more feminine, whereas the Nirvana Black one has more of a masculine top note.

Nirvana White is a “captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication”.  I personally have absolutely no idea of how delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk would look like in real life, much less how they would smell. It smells florally and fresh, and that’s how I would verbalize my perception on this one. The other one, which is the Nirvana Black, described as “an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine”. The rich vanilla is the only thing I’m familiar with. However, I think it’s not a heavily scented vanilla perfume. It has more of darker, muskier, and warmer notes to it. When I put this on for the first time, I was quite unsure whether I was gonna love the black one or not. But as the time went by, I got used to the scent and have been experiencing any scent issues, should such thing exists.

Each perfume can be worn on its own or mixed. More often than not, I layer the black one over the white one. And as the name would suggest, together they make one that smells heavenly.


  1. OMG! Where did you find that???

    I've been searching for it and I can only find it on US' Sephora's.

    xx f

    1. I had my friend pick them up for me when she was in the US! Sorry :(