Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Reds

The other day, I saw Muti’s blog post about the latest shades of MAKE OVER Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick. MAKE OVER is the sister brand of Wardah, if you haven’t known already. Both are local brands but each has different market segmentation and of course, price points. I’ve tried some products from both brands and am never disappointed with them.

Anyhoo, back to the subject of Muti’s blog post, there, she swatched all the new 8 shades that range from peachy nudes to deep reds. Every single color looked good on her. However, the last color that she lip-swatched did appeal me. Today, it lives in my drawer.

On the bottom of the slim, matte black lipstick tube, it says 015 Fame Fatale. The color reminds me of Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood (GORGEOUS color. Google it if you don’t believe me!), which is a deep wine red color, I’d say. I did take a photo of me wearing this number and when I transferred it to my Android phone, the color looked lighter on the phone's screen than in real life. Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful color though.

Because it’s a deep red (pretty intimidating to apply without causing any error), it’s best to apply using a lip brush first. After trying my best not to mess with the lip-lining job, I follow through with directly gliding the bullet over my lips. It feels a bit creamy like the ColourPop Matte Lippie Stix, but it has a little less slip than the ColourPop ones have. After it sets, I can no longer feel the creaminess.

I don’t want to bother myself to test the longevity of this lipstick because throughout the day, I will most likely be eating (a lot) greasy meals and drinking (a lot more) water. All of those activities are going to remove the color from my lips and leaving them looking like a ‘butt hole’. If that happens, it ain’t gonna look pretty so I’m gonna have to do a little touch-up, and that will defeat the purpose of the test. However, because it’s matte, it’s supposed to be long-wearing anyway.

If there’s one thing that the brand should improve on, it’s the packaging. I find that I need to be extra careful when twisting up/down the tube, because every time I do so, I feel like the bullet is going to fall out of the tube. I find the same issue as well on the packaging of Wardah matte lipstick range. Other than that, I’m cool.

All in all, it’s a great product. I mean, look at the color! If your lips tend to get dry, just make sure to exfoliate them first then apply some lip balm. Next, take a tissue, put it between your lips, purse your lips and blot any excess balm. After that, put that matte red lip on and pair it with lashings of mascara, and you're all set.

Turns out that the idea of wearing a red lip isn’t that intimidating at all :)


  1. That color is beautiful! I think red lips are so fun!

    1. Hi Darcy!

      It is indeed beautiful! You can see me wearing it on my instagram (@nnsabrina). Thanks for your comment sweetie!


  2. Very beautiful shade! You should post a swatch on here x

    1. Hi Emily!

      I know right?! This is indeed a beautiful color. I posted a photo if me wearing this number on my Instagram @nnsabrina :) thank you for your comment! Xx

  3. #teamredlippies YES!!

    Now is my turn to try nude colour which I have none in my makeup kit! Shopping at Jakarta, yes? Hahaha.

    xx, f