Thursday, January 28, 2016

2015 at a Glance

We may have gone through page 365 of the 2015 and be done with it, however the lessons that we learned will continue to live on--we’ll never stop learning. You and I can always look back and use those lessons to prepare us for whatever we’ll go through in many years to come. I experienced so many things that I hadn’t experienced before, got introduced to people I hadn’t met before, learned new lessons, failed at them, managed to succeed, failed some more, and learned some more. I’m sure you all did, but I’m also sure that what we learned weren’t all the same thing. Because they say that “sharing is caring” and I want to make sure that my existence can be beneficial to others, I present to you a constellation of things/thoughts/whatever the hell you may call ‘em regarding the year of 2015 that I thought would be share-worthy:

I have converted from an Anti-Belieber to Belieber. #nowplaying #loveyourself.

Bretman Rock’s ‘How to Contour’ YouTube video cracked me up like... laughing was a sinful thing.

Being professional doesn’t mean being rigid.

Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner is WILL NOT FAIL YOU.

The meaning of friendship that I once found in a book when I was a kid, that had been my principle ever since, got shifted.

I'll never wash my phone under running water again. Ever. The rice technique did not work. So, may my dearest phone R. I. P. Pictured below is Ofra Cosmetics x KathleenLights' Miami Fever. And my now dead phone. :(

Values that a company preach to its clients might be the things that are poorly embodied within the company itself.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #13 Marvelous Mauve is pure love. A product that’s very aptly named indeed. 

Leaders are not bosses. Bossy people who don’t listen to everyone else’s opinions are mere assholes.

Do you know Mariah Leonard? She's basically the coolest person on YouTube.

Isn't she the most awesome or what.

 Nike+ Running was the best app I downloaded in 2015. #Ambition

Sometimes your emotions outweigh your logic.

The first question to ask is mostly ‘why’.

Beautika’s Sambal Roa is heaven-sent.

Your biggest competitor is the person you see in the mirror.

GoJek and GrabBike are the forms of God’s kindness.

What would you do when life throws lemons at you?

Blogging got me a new friend. Say hello to Faizah!

I’m so glad I met people like Alex, Inez, Novi, Shirin, and Vania. Love these guys to bits.

The feeling after I had my brows threaded and tweezed for the first time was exceptionally extraordinary, that I walked around Senayan City feeling like I could conquer the world. 

By Terry’s Misty Rock is one heck of an expensive little thing. But trust me, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. It is THAT amazing.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eye Shadow in Misty Rock ROCKS!

Failure is not something to be avoided, but rather embraced.

Everything/everyone is more than meets the eye.

Last but definitely not the least, I have learned to just start doing something even if what I think I’m gonna do is nowhere near my ideals. As I mentioned on my first post ever, at the beginning, I kept delaying to start blogging because I thought I had nothing much to make my ‘ideal blog’ dream comes true. But I just started anyway because it was better to do so than not starting at all. And I’m glad I did. And have enjoyed the process ever since. This little corner on the web may mean nothing to you, but it sure does mean something to me. I’ve managed to do something I used to think I’d never be able to do; turning my ideas into words. I’m not saying that my writings are worth a Pulitzer or whatever. It’s more about, as the cliche saying that goes “stepping outside my comfort zone”. I’ve also reconnected again with some of my old friends and made new friends from all over the world in the wake of this blog, which both are so unexpected yet very heartening to me.

Alhamdulillah, I've hit the 5k views yeaaay.

I’ve been blogging for half a year now and I hope that there’s something that you can learn or find useful/entertaining here. I also hope that aside from finding beauty-related posts about lipsticks, liquid liners, and the like, you can also find a little amusement here because there is also a beauty in that. :)

What about you? What have you learned from 2015? Care enough to share?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Enabled by Essie

New discoveries are always fun. I remember the day I first discovered Essie Button’s YouTube video. After watching it, I immediately fell in love with her and began to go through some of her old videos; starting from her ‘brand focus’ videos, ‘empties’ videos, ‘haul’ videos, to her tutorials. Of course, she isn’t the only one who does those kinds of videos these days, but no one else on YouTube does them quite like she does.  Her style is quite unique, in my opinion, and her videos kinda convey this cool scandinavian-esque feeling. Which I love.

Last year, she changed her channel’s name to Estée Lalonde, which is actually her real name. I used to think that her real name was Essie Button until I found out that ‘Essie’ was a nickname given to her by her grandma and ‘Button’ was a moniker coined by her boyfriend. Anyways, I feel like her contents now are a bit different, especially after she changed her channel’s name. I personally don’t really fancy the change but “the only thing that is constant is change”, right? Despite the change, I still watch her videos. Her latest tutorial video is titled ‘Winter Berry Makeup Look’ and in that video, she sported this deep, deep, deep berry lip that was all kinds of stunning, which was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #14 Blackberry Sorbet. It wasn’t a new product or anything like that, but after seeing that in action, people seemed to fall head over heels in love with that lip color. Including moi. And I bet you already figured out what happened next.

Basically, it is a liquid lipstick in a tube. But because the color is so potent, directly applying the product with the doe-foot applicator is the last thing you want to do. I tried that once and all hell broke loose. The best way to apply this is by using a lip brush. I used the Real Techniques Fine Liner brush to apply the product on the border of my lips and to make sure that the edges wouldn’t be easily discernible. After you get your outline done, you can fill in your lips using the doe-foot applicator straightaway. I usually apply a thin film, blot my lips using a tissue, and finally apply a second layer. If you put too much layers on, it’ll then become a crumbly conundrum. Not good at all. 

I look nowhere like her with this on. But I’m glad I discovered something that is not mauvey pink in my stash and I liked it. Oh, looks like someone’s changed.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Lipsticks That Everyone and Their Mothers Have Been Going to Great Lengths to Find

A little less than 6 months ago, a Facebook friend uploaded a photo of two lipsticks from the Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte range. On the photo caption, she wrote that the lipstick range was so popular because of the performance and the extremely low price point. I didn’t know it was actually that popular and I wasn’t that excited about it, until around last October/November. I then put my detective hat on and began typing #purbasarimattelipsticks on Instagram hashtags search. Turned out that people had been all over these lipsticks for longer that I initially thought. These people also talked about how hard it was to find the lipsticks on places like Instagram or even traditional markets, because they were always sold out instantly. Oh, wait for another crazy thing that I found. On the early days, each of these lipsticks costed IDR 25000. However, due to the mounting demands as time went by, the price has been skyrocketed to IDR 30000-40000 each nowadays. Told ya it’s crazy.

Greatly piqued by these findings, I decided to board the Purbasari Matte Lipstick ship. So I while I was in ITC Kuningan, I thought why not began my first attempt to find the shades 83 Pirus and 81 Diamond here? I walked around the mall and first saw this small makeup store, but it didn’t look like a legit makeup store. I wasn’t sure that this store would sell Purbasari Lipsticks, so I kept looking for other seemingly more legit-looking makeup stores. I finally found one, but the lady in that store said that the lipsticks were not available here. So then I just walked around and found myself making my way to the previous store I decided not to visit. This time, I saw a picture of Purbasari Matte Lipstick lip swatches on that store that I had seen online!!!!! (as the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover") Luckily, they had both shades. But, they cost IDR 38000 each. Bummed, I only picked the shade 83 Pirus because... oh you know why. The next day, I went to visit a traditional market called Pasar Cempaka Putih to find 81 Diamond for hopefully, IDR 35000 at most. Then, I came to this huge makeup store and found the lipstick shade for just IDR 30000. WIN.

I would describe 81 Diamond as a peachy, warm nude brown. I picked this one up because it kinda reminds me of Adele. Of course, it’s nowhere near her signature peachy nudes. But still, it’s a lovely color. 83 Pirus may come as no surprise for you because it’s a mauvey, purpley warm pink, I’d say. I own quite a bit of mauvey pink lipsticks but I think this number is quite different. I also think that even though these are considered cheap, the packaging doesn’t look like crap. I don’t know what about it but it kinda reminds me of the packaging of the Prismatique Lips lipsticks by Surratt Beauty. It does feel cheap when the tube is being twisted up/down though. I haven’t had any issue with the lipstick coming off of the tube so that’s cool. 

During application, they don’t feel dragging on the lips, but they don’t feel creamy either. They are so pigmented in a single swipe and also have this yummy bubble gum scent that doesn’t linger. The lasting power is surprisingly great because they can stay on for up to 6 hours, but it all depends on how much you drink, eat, and how greasy the meal is. The only thing I’d say about these is that they leave small lipstick crumbles on my lips after an hour of wear, that can only be seen at close range. So I guess people other than ourselves wouldn’t ever notice. Other than that, everything’s fine.

Final thoughts? I think these lipsticks live up to what people claim, in terms of performance. They’re not hugely impressive though, but not at all pathetic. All in all, considering the price of these lipsticks, I suppose they’re not bad at all.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Here Goes Another Post About Pinky-Mauve Lippies

Moi lippies recently welcomed their new sisters to the nest, the MAC Soar Lip Pencil and the MAC Mehr Lipstick. You guessed it, they’re both pinky-mauve lippies... Don’t. Judge. Me. I had been lusting over these since I saw one of Lily Pebbles’ vlogs, in which she was hopping from one MAC store to another in the hopes of picking up these duo, but  she couldn’t find em anywhere. I began to think that these items must be so rare and hard to get, because they were not available in Indonesia as well. I believe they still aren’t. Then, Lily finally managed to got her hands on the duo and ever since she did, she wore them non stop and they looked really pretty on her pout. Long story short, I have them now in my stash and they really are pretty. On pout, off pout.

Even though they look kinda similar in color, they actually look quite different in terms of shade. On me, Soar looks much more mauve, like my lips but mauve-r, whereas Mehr look a smidgen more pink. Soar in particular, makes my lips looking fuller and plumper too when worn on its own. Both look stunning either worn alone or together though. The lip pencil glides on with ease and doesn’t feel drying at all on the lips. Same thing goes with the lipstick. Although the lipstick offers a matte finish, it doesn’t drag my lips during application nor it does dry them out. I thought they would stand the test of time the longest compared to other creamy-matte lipsticks. Especially the lip pencil. But in truth, they both have average staying power, I’d say, about 4-ish hours. Greasy meals don’t entirely remove the color, however they leave the lips looking like they’ve got white ring around the inner lips (a.k.a. ‘butthole’ lips) which is never attractive. They might be formulated to last long on the lips, but they don’t really do. Another thing that I’d say is the fact that Soar is a lip pencil, and that you have to sharpen it so it can get pointy and easy to use. In other words, there’s gonna be a product waste. GROANS.

But I can deal with that. I mean, come on. How could I not? The shade screams my name. Both shades do. Now, where is my sharpener...

PS: Thanks to Faizah for getting my first MAC products all the way from SG! :)