Thursday, January 7, 2016

Here Goes Another Post About Pinky-Mauve Lippies

Moi lippies recently welcomed their new sisters to the nest, the MAC Soar Lip Pencil and the MAC Mehr Lipstick. You guessed it, they’re both pinky-mauve lippies... Don’t. Judge. Me. I had been lusting over these since I saw one of Lily Pebbles’ vlogs, in which she was hopping from one MAC store to another in the hopes of picking up these duo, but  she couldn’t find em anywhere. I began to think that these items must be so rare and hard to get, because they were not available in Indonesia as well. I believe they still aren’t. Then, Lily finally managed to got her hands on the duo and ever since she did, she wore them non stop and they looked really pretty on her pout. Long story short, I have them now in my stash and they really are pretty. On pout, off pout.

Even though they look kinda similar in color, they actually look quite different in terms of shade. On me, Soar looks much more mauve, like my lips but mauve-r, whereas Mehr look a smidgen more pink. Soar in particular, makes my lips looking fuller and plumper too when worn on its own. Both look stunning either worn alone or together though. The lip pencil glides on with ease and doesn’t feel drying at all on the lips. Same thing goes with the lipstick. Although the lipstick offers a matte finish, it doesn’t drag my lips during application nor it does dry them out. I thought they would stand the test of time the longest compared to other creamy-matte lipsticks. Especially the lip pencil. But in truth, they both have average staying power, I’d say, about 4-ish hours. Greasy meals don’t entirely remove the color, however they leave the lips looking like they’ve got white ring around the inner lips (a.k.a. ‘butthole’ lips) which is never attractive. They might be formulated to last long on the lips, but they don’t really do. Another thing that I’d say is the fact that Soar is a lip pencil, and that you have to sharpen it so it can get pointy and easy to use. In other words, there’s gonna be a product waste. GROANS.

But I can deal with that. I mean, come on. How could I not? The shade screams my name. Both shades do. Now, where is my sharpener...

PS: Thanks to Faizah for getting my first MAC products all the way from SG! :)