Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Lipsticks That Everyone and Their Mothers Have Been Going to Great Lengths to Find

A little less than 6 months ago, a Facebook friend uploaded a photo of two lipsticks from the Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte range. On the photo caption, she wrote that the lipstick range was so popular because of the performance and the extremely low price point. I didn’t know it was actually that popular and I wasn’t that excited about it, until around last October/November. I then put my detective hat on and began typing #purbasarimattelipsticks on Instagram hashtags search. Turned out that people had been all over these lipsticks for longer that I initially thought. These people also talked about how hard it was to find the lipsticks on places like Instagram or even traditional markets, because they were always sold out instantly. Oh, wait for another crazy thing that I found. On the early days, each of these lipsticks costed IDR 25000. However, due to the mounting demands as time went by, the price has been skyrocketed to IDR 30000-40000 each nowadays. Told ya it’s crazy.

Greatly piqued by these findings, I decided to board the Purbasari Matte Lipstick ship. So I while I was in ITC Kuningan, I thought why not began my first attempt to find the shades 83 Pirus and 81 Diamond here? I walked around the mall and first saw this small makeup store, but it didn’t look like a legit makeup store. I wasn’t sure that this store would sell Purbasari Lipsticks, so I kept looking for other seemingly more legit-looking makeup stores. I finally found one, but the lady in that store said that the lipsticks were not available here. So then I just walked around and found myself making my way to the previous store I decided not to visit. This time, I saw a picture of Purbasari Matte Lipstick lip swatches on that store that I had seen online!!!!! (as the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover") Luckily, they had both shades. But, they cost IDR 38000 each. Bummed, I only picked the shade 83 Pirus because... oh you know why. The next day, I went to visit a traditional market called Pasar Cempaka Putih to find 81 Diamond for hopefully, IDR 35000 at most. Then, I came to this huge makeup store and found the lipstick shade for just IDR 30000. WIN.

I would describe 81 Diamond as a peachy, warm nude brown. I picked this one up because it kinda reminds me of Adele. Of course, it’s nowhere near her signature peachy nudes. But still, it’s a lovely color. 83 Pirus may come as no surprise for you because it’s a mauvey, purpley warm pink, I’d say. I own quite a bit of mauvey pink lipsticks but I think this number is quite different. I also think that even though these are considered cheap, the packaging doesn’t look like crap. I don’t know what about it but it kinda reminds me of the packaging of the Prismatique Lips lipsticks by Surratt Beauty. It does feel cheap when the tube is being twisted up/down though. I haven’t had any issue with the lipstick coming off of the tube so that’s cool. 

During application, they don’t feel dragging on the lips, but they don’t feel creamy either. They are so pigmented in a single swipe and also have this yummy bubble gum scent that doesn’t linger. The lasting power is surprisingly great because they can stay on for up to 6 hours, but it all depends on how much you drink, eat, and how greasy the meal is. The only thing I’d say about these is that they leave small lipstick crumbles on my lips after an hour of wear, that can only be seen at close range. So I guess people other than ourselves wouldn’t ever notice. Other than that, everything’s fine.

Final thoughts? I think these lipsticks live up to what people claim, in terms of performance. They’re not hugely impressive though, but not at all pathetic. All in all, considering the price of these lipsticks, I suppose they’re not bad at all.


  1. Di Guardian aku pernah nemu kak belum lama ini hehe waktu itu lagi diskon jadi sekitar 23ribu.

    1. Hai Tal! Apa kabar? :)

      Wah, lucky you. Aku nemunya harga 30000an semua. Tapi udah nemu semua nihh yg kucari

    2. Baik kak :) Waktu itu kayanya pernah ngeliat Kak Nadia di MKG tapi aku ngga berani nyapa hehehe :p

      Di Guardian itu aku nemu cuma ada 2 warna sih. Lagi hits jadi emang susah banget dicari ya.

    3. Hahaha kenapa gak nyapa :P

      Iya hits sit Tal, tapi gak se-wow itu karena crumbled on my lips :/

  2. The colours look really pretty in your picture hun! But thank you for giving such an honest review, mentioning both positive and negative points.

    - - Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Haul

    1. Hey Boo!

      Thanks! They really look pretty in real life as well.

      Really appreciate your comment! Thank you for coming over :)


  3. They look so pretty! Don't think we have them here in the UK unfortunately!

    1. They look pretty in real life as well! Maybe later when I have the chance to visit UK, I can bring them to you!

      Thank you for your comment!