Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pavilion Beauty

There’s a new ‘ladies only’ salon here in J-town! I’m not one to have salon treatment on a regular basis but this one gets me really excited. It is situated in Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya. If you have trouble finding where the salon is, just look for a small periwinkle blue building across the Bank Danamon outlet.

Pavilion Beauty has been operating its business for about a month now. The salon offers a wide selection of treatments for the hair, the nails, and also hair removal treatments. So it’s like a one-stop beauty parlor that will make all your beauty needs fulfilled (beauty needs. That should be added to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

This January (more like last month. Well, last week, if you read this post exactly the day this post goes live), the salon provided a promotional 40% discount for all the treatments. For a discount whore like me, this opportunity was not one to be missed. Besides, my pits needed to be waxed. So it was bound to happen.

The place looked really feminine and parisian-esque, which I found very common on many salons these days. Except the walls on this salon were painted in this lovely deep, periwinkle blue shade. I was welcomed by a somewhat relaxing, parisian-esque music as I opened the door and stepped inside the place. The selection of songs within the playlist played was so darn good, that it piqued my interest to ask for the complete song list.

I already prebooked for an underarm waxing treatment over the phone, but when I got there, the lady who was supposed to wax  me was still handling another customer. I wasn’t in a rush so I didn’t mind waiting for my turn. The salon didn’t have a large number of employees, which was quite understandable since the place was rather small. It was still quite spacious, though. The insides of the salon was divided into separate sections; a small waiting lounge, a nail treatment room, a hairdressing area, a room that had two hair washing sinks, a waxing room, a prayer room for Muslims, and a shower room/lavatory which had the most beautiful floor tiles.

The underarm waxing process took less than 10 minutes. The lady who waxed me was really nice and had performed different types of waxing on so many people before. She used caramel-based wax for the waxing itself followed by threading the remaining hairs that the wax didn’t remove. The wax was taken from a pot that was heated into a separate small bowl, so there was no double-dipping involved. I personally really enjoyed the threading process, since I also happen to be a person who enjoys tweezing my axillary hairs very much (getting a little bit TMI here!). After the threading was done, she gave me a small mirror to help me look at my waxed and threaded underarm and see if there were still some hairs left. I thought I couldn’t find any hairs left there. She then moved on to waxing and threading my other underarm. After I got home, I took a look at my underarms and noticed a few short hairs over there  (like, extremely EXTREMELY short hairs). But I just easily tweezed them out and be done.

All in all, it was a rather gratifying experience. So far, I think its only issue was the fact that customers had to wait for they turn to get treated due to the small number of staffs. Other than that, everything was great.

So, if you live nearby the area and want to give a little treat to yourself, you know where to head for. Next time, I’d like to try out the chocolate-flavored 'creambath' treatment. Sounds yummy, no?


  1. Please write a blog post when ever you decide to try the chocolate-flavoured creambath HAHA, it sound so fun. Hope you had an amazing time there and thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  2. Hey Hilary!

    Yeah, sure! I will definitely put up a blog post after I try the chocolate-flavored creambath! Thanks! and yes I did enjoy my time there. You should check out that place :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment! Yesss of course I want to support each other's blog :) Btw, you have such a lovely blog, my eyes are happy to see the amazing design!