Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Than Meets the (Cat) Eye

Doing my winged liner used to be the step I never skip before I step out of the door. I felt “naked” if I didn’t have that feline flick on. Now, I’m saying adieu to my ever-so loved Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (SRSLY good stuff) and let ze eyes get used to being “naked”. I know that there are lots of other brands that sell pen liquid eyeliners, but I’m one that’s hard to please when it comes to liquid liners. Although, I’m thinking of getting the Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner. I tried it once and I was pretty delighted with the application and its performance. If you’re thinking of purchasing yourself one too, bear in mind that you need to make sure that the cap is secured tightly and to store it carefully, otherwise the nib will get dry.

I’m sure that a lot of people love em some winged liner too. For me, cat-flicks give that little something something to the eyes, that je ne sais quoi. But, it takes a lot of trials and errors to achieve that even, perfect wings for the process of creating them is not easy. Especially for me. So here are my learned lesson as well as some tips that might be useful to you or any eye liner noob out there.

First of all, I have myopia (around 9 or 10 of nearsightedness). Without my spectacles, my vision is blurry. So can you imagine how I do my wing? I literally put my compact mirror extremely close to my face every time I draw them. I also have to sit in a certain position to help me steady my right hand (which I use to do most things in general). The struggle is real. Welcome to my lyf.

My face shape makes another struggle. Our faces are not symmetrical, right? There are features that are slightly different on either side of our faces, mine included. The way my orbital bone is shaped makes my left eye appear more lifted than the other eye. Consequently, it affects the way other features on my left eye are shaped as well; my left brow is more arched and my lower lash line is more curved that my right one. They say that to draw a wing, all you have to do is simply follow the direction of the outer corner of your lower lash line and start create your wing. Given the aforementioned facts, clearly this technique is not gonna work for me if I wish to create even wings. Unless I tweak my own ways ,or better yet, figure out other tricks.

There are a lot of winged liner hacks on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram... you name it. One trick that I used to swear by is by using scotch/surgical tape. This really helped me as a guideline/stencil and made sure that my wings were sharp, they could kill. If you’d like to try this trick, you should know that you’re gonna place the tape on your eye area which is so delicate, you don’t wanna be rough with it. You wanna make the tape less sticky so it’s not gonna be a pain in the ass to take off once you’re finished with your wing. All you have to do is first of all, grab the tape (around the length of your pinkie) and stick it at the back of your hand. You wanna remove the tape, then stick it again for several times to remove the most of the stickiness of the tape. Once it feels less sticky, place the tape starting from the outer corner of your lash line toward the tail of your brow on either side of your eye. Then, draw your wing. After everything looks good to you, you can finally remove the tapes. Hello, killer flicks. There are other hacks that you can try as well besides using surgical/scotch tape, like using business card or a spoon. The latter which I never intend to do. (Although spoons are brilliant eye lash curlers, they say!)

It is worth noting that mastering winged-liner can’t be done overnight. You may be armed with lots of Pinterest hacks, but you still need a lot of real practice. Failure is inevitable and the amount of memes on the Internet justify just that. You shouldn’t worry if you make any mistake, for there are things like Q-tips and moisturizer. You can get pointy cotton swabs that are ideal for correcting makeup mistakes--not to mention cat-flicks mishaps--at your local supermarket. You don’t need a lot of moisturizer to erase the errors, the tiniest bit will do. Adios, chaos. I find it better to use regular, creamy moisturizer than something balmy like the Vaseline petroleum gel. The Vaseline does the job of removing mistakes as well, but the texture is too greasy and it’ll be much harder if you want to draw a line over that corrected area.

I still remember the day I finally got to draw standard eye liner with even thickness on my both eyes. I was so proud of myself, I was thinking of putting that accomplishment on my CV. Even so, I’m still struggling to draw those perfectly drawn wings. Sometimes I can do them evenly in like 10 mins with zero mistake, other times it takes Q-tips after Q-tips to make them right.

That pretty much sums up my learned lessons, I guess. If you're still really struggling with your cat eye, I'd say that the first thing that you have to do is study your eye shape. People with certain eye shapes may find it difficult to pull off a cat eye look, but that doesn't mean that this look isn't for everyone. Again, just tweak your ways and you can always look for hacks on the Internet. These days, cosmetics brands have also come up with tools that can help you achieve that feline-flick easily.  I'm talking about those winged liner stencils. If you think that cat-flicks don't suit you, try tightlining a.k.a lining your inner rims with pencil eye liners or powder eye shadows. I rarely do this but I always love the outcome. The way I normally do this by taking my angled eye liner brush, dipping it into a black powder eye shadow, and finally pushing the product onto my third half of my upper waterline. It's less time consuming and much easier compared to doing winged liners with a liquid liner. Also, it's something that anyone can pull off!

What's your story? Do you experience similar adversities like I do?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chai and Chantecaille

A little while ago, Bite Beauty released their new lipstick collection called the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. There are 34 colors in total, so there’s a plethora of shades to choose from! There are pinky nudes, bright oranges, vibrant reds, deep berries... you name it. The shades were named after edible stuffs and I found that interesting. The one that I’ve had my eyes on since the release is the shade Chai. Promise you it’s not a pinky mauve... it’s a brownish mauve ^_^

Speaking of lipsticks, I’ve been loving using lipstick as my blush. To do this, I usually swipe the lipstick on the back of my hand (kinda like hand-swatching your lipstick), then I add a minuscule amount of foundation on top of the swatched lipstick and mix them together to make the color more blendable when it’s being applied on the cheeks, and finally, I dab my little concoction onto my cheeks using my finger. After the application, I always pat my cheeks using my beauty sponge to make sure that everything is blended seamlessly and looks believable. I know that it sounds like too time-consuming and impractical, but I find it somewhat enjoyable to do. Currently, I’m really keen on trying legit cream blushers, like the Chantecaille Cheek Gelee in Happy. Do you watch Ingrid's videos too? Clap along.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Pretty Breathtaking Shade of Grey

How do you like your makeup to be? Kim Kardashian-esque? Or just barely there? Well I like mine to be wearable, in the sense that it's realistic-looking, and with a pop of color, of course! I like putting it on me as much as I like seeing people with that kind of look on. My Instagram feed used to be filled with people whose makeup leaned more simple and somewhat natural... (OK scratch that, let’s go with ‘believable’). But that changed once I stumbled across Andrea Reed’s Instagram over a year ago.

Basically, she is a Canadian-based makeup artist and she runs the account @girlgreybeauty on Instagram. She often uses her mouth as her canvas and actually create paintings on it mostly using makeup. Sometimes, she paints her face and certain parts of her body as well. It sounds like something that I wouldn’t do on myself, but I find her photos really amazing to behold. I’ve got some favorites and one of them has to be the one in which she drew a bee on her mouth. When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t believe that the bee was just a painting because it looked SO realistic, I thought she might get stung by it! Another one of my favorites is the one that she created based on a japanese painting titled The Great Wave off Kanagawa. I was dumbfounded when I first saw it. I mean, look at those meticulous work! She mentioned that she used the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper--which I love--to draw the ocean waves.

My jaw drops everytime I open her feed. She is so artsy, talented, skillful... what an all round maverick. Her photography and editing skills are also amazing. I’m aware that there are other people with bomb makeup/face painting skills, but for me, this girl is out of the ordinary. She’s the next level. She sets her bar so high that no other will ever surpass it, let alone reach it. And that’s why yours truly dedicate this whole post to her! *major fangirling*.
If you are a person who likes art or simply just looking for someone (beyond) cool to follow on your Instagram, you should check her out! You’ll be astounded.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Someone Made Me Up

The other day, I got my face made up by an indie, female makeup artist. The theme of the look was ‘natural makeup. But, in all honesty, the result was nowhere near natural… well, more about that later.

Before the process began, the girl (who was the makeup artist. A really nice one, btw) was eating a piece of gorengan with her hands. I thought that she was gonna wash her hands or wipe them using a wet wipe or something before doing my makeup, but I believe she didn’t. Actually, I wasn’t sure. Although she maybe did wipe her hands, but I just didn’t see it. This was such a big deal for me because I’ll always make sure that my hands are clean before I put my own or anyone else’s makeup. It’s called being respectful. There’s a reason why seeing others who do not wash their hands after using the toilet is my biggest pet peeve. Ask my closest friends, I’m that one friend who ALWAYS reminds them to wash their hands every time they get out of the toilet! #trivia

Anyways, after making peace with the fact that this person was not as sanitary as I thought she would be, she began priming my face then applying some foundation into my face using a brush. To further blend the product into my skin, she used a pink makeup sponge (the one that resembles the shape of a poop. I hope you can clearly picture that on your mind) and pat it all over my face. Now, here were the things that irritated me the most:

A. She did not wet the sponge. To blend foundation with a sponge, it needs to be dampen first. And…


What a real poop. Can you imagine how I felt back then? I remained silent tho (but inside, I was screaming). I also saw that the sponge was stored inside a plastic container which also houses other sponges that only God knew how long they hadn’t been cleaned. It then made me think, “How often does she clean her brushes? Does she ever clean those before using them on her clients?” :/

Now, let’s talk brows. She asked me whether or not she can shave some stray brow hairs. I thought “HELLLL TO THE NO”. I told her to keep them that way. Beside, who knew whether or not the shaving tool had been cleaned in advance? And the only peeps I trust to groom my brows are the ladies at Browhaus (they’re simply the best). Anyhoo, she ended up concealing the stray hairs with some foundation and lash glue (would Lisa Eldridge do the same thing?), and filling in my brows using a brow kit from NYX. The shade that she used was definitely lighter that my natural hair color. I mean, I get that when you have dark hair color, theoretically you should fill in your brows using a shade that is a bit lighter than your natural hair color. But this one was just waaaay too light, you’d be able tell that my brows weren’t natural-looking.

After that, she put some eye shadows and it was time for strip lashes. First, she added some glue to the lash band, as per normal. Then, she used this long, wooden stick that had a pointy sharp edge similar to that of a toothpick to spread the glue along the lash band. Using her fingers, she carefully placed the each of the falsies. Next, she positioned the part of the band which didn’t stick to the inner lash line using that pointy wooded stick.


She then told me that she wanted to put some mascara on. I automatically looked downward because Lisa would want me to do that. But that girl was no Lisa. She told me to look straight ahead. Afterward, she put another pair of faux eye lashes (so in total I wore 4 falsies) and repeat the whole wooden thing process. Thank God I my eyes didn’t get poked!

Next, she contoured my schnoz, put some blusher on my cheeks, and finally some lippies. She used one of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which came in a plastic tube and applied the product directly on my lips using the doe-foot applicator. Like… seriously… okay. It was way too nude for my complexion, so she decided to add some darker color on top of it. This time, the product came in a palette, so she had to paint my lips using a lip brush, right? I’m sure, by now, you’ve already pictured how the lip brush would look like J

Finally, the makeup was complete. Like I said earlier, it didn’t look anything natural. Well, at least for me. When someone said ‘natural makeup’, I’ll never picture unrealistic brows and stacks of strip lashes on my head. I mean, I don’t think that Lisa nor other celebrated makeup artists would do that…

Thursday, March 3, 2016


After going through two bottles of the SPOIL Organics’ Argan Oil, which I did enjoy very much, I decided that I wanted a little change. Well, I had always wanted to try something else from the range anyway, so I purchased their Rosehip Oil and I recently got my second bottle. It is formulated mainly to combat any skin issues like scarring and blemishes, which I’m not experiencing for the time being. However, certain areas on my face tend to get dry and this oil really helps at making them moisturized. I usually put two drops of it on the palm of my hand, rub my palms together to warm the product a bit, and slather it all over my face. It doesn’t sink into the skin, but it doesn’t look like a greasy mess either; it just feels nice. Also, it really helps with my back acne that is slowly making its way to my upper right limb. It doesn’t abolish them immediately, but for a natural remedy, it does the job pretty quickly. If I had more cash to splash, I’d be dousing my face with either the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair by now. I’ve only heard great things about the former and I’m dying to get my hands on one. The latter, on the other hand, is something that I’ve tried and you best believe that it’ll make your skin feels sooo supple the minute you put it on.

Another thing that I’ve been enjoying very much is a TV series called Mistresses. Before I hopped into the bandwagon, I had never thought I’d enjoy such a show. I typically enjoy shows like NCIS, CSI, Bones, Castle, and the like, so this makes quite a bizarre addition. Currently, they’re airing the third season of the show and it’s reaching its finale. I couldn’t hold my horses so I decided to watch the very last episode online, and it was intense! I think I’m gonna have to watch the previous episodes, although I’m not one to watch a full series for a solid one day. Nonetheless, I sense that a Mistresses marathon is commencing.

Speaking of the ‘long runs’, lately I’ve found it difficult to get my ass out of the bed, pop my workout gear on, go outside, and run. I’ve made running twice a week a part of my 2016 resolutions but there are days when I’m just glued to the bed. 2 months ago, I managed to keep the rhythm going on but since last month, I haven’t been able to do so. I tried some means to motivate myself, but they didn’t really work. Hopefully, on this new month, I’ll figure out other effective ways to reignite the spark. What would you do if you were me? I need a kick in the bum, really. Well, figuratively...

PS, I've hit the 6K mark guys!
Accio martabak keju.