Thursday, April 7, 2016

Amuse Me Plz

I was checking out my Snapchat feed the other day and found live snaps from this year’s global ice skating tournament thing... whatever. There was this snap that featured a pair of Canadians skating around to a rather melancholic background music. I thought it was one of Adele’s songs so then I typed ‘ice skating tournament canada 2016 adele’ and long story short, Google thought it was Hometown Glory. I had never listened to that song properly so I looked up for it on YouTube, only to disappoint myself, because it turned out that it wasn’t the similar song to what I heard previously on Snapchat. One thing led to another, I then came across Adele’s carpool karaoke video thing and a video that featured Ariana Grande impersonating different singers while singing random songs. If you haven’t guessed already, it was a segment from Jimmy Fallon’s the Tonight Show that was called Wheel of Musical Impressions. Man, Ariana Grande was so good. Like, she could literally mimic any singer flawlessly. I also watched two other related videos that featured Jamie Foxx and Adam Levine (each was featured in a separate video) and I was laughing like... you have to see them for yourself if you haven’t seen them yet!!!

I’m so so so happy that I discovered those hilarious videos on YouTube. Because, you know, the only things that I watch regularly are makeup-related videos, so watching things that aren’t related to beauty and are really entertaining can act as some sort of, shall I say, refreshment for me? I’ve been enjoying watching ‘Q&As’ and ‘tag’ videos as well. You got some recommendations? I’m all ears.