Thursday, April 7, 2016

Amuse Me Plz

I was checking out my Snapchat feed the other day and found live snaps from this year’s global ice skating tournament thing... whatever. There was this snap that featured a pair of Canadians skating around to a rather melancholic background music. I thought it was one of Adele’s songs so then I typed ‘ice skating tournament canada 2016 adele’ and long story short, Google thought it was Hometown Glory. I had never listened to that song properly so I looked up for it on YouTube, only to disappoint myself, because it turned out that it wasn’t the similar song to what I heard previously on Snapchat. One thing led to another, I then came across Adele’s carpool karaoke video thing and a video that featured Ariana Grande impersonating different singers while singing random songs. If you haven’t guessed already, it was a segment from Jimmy Fallon’s the Tonight Show that was called Wheel of Musical Impressions. Man, Ariana Grande was so good. Like, she could literally mimic any singer flawlessly. I also watched two other related videos that featured Jamie Foxx and Adam Levine (each was featured in a separate video) and I was laughing like... you have to see them for yourself if you haven’t seen them yet!!!

I’m so so so happy that I discovered those hilarious videos on YouTube. Because, you know, the only things that I watch regularly are makeup-related videos, so watching things that aren’t related to beauty and are really entertaining can act as some sort of, shall I say, refreshment for me? I’ve been enjoying watching ‘Q&As’ and ‘tag’ videos as well. You got some recommendations? I’m all ears.


  1. Ariana's impression was bomb right!

    Anyway you should definitely check out Conan O'Brien's (especially the one with Dave Franco as well as Kevin Hart + Ice Cube!).

    Super hilarious!

    Ellen's haunted house series are good too.

    xx f

  2. Untuk talk shows selain Conan dan Jimmy Fallon, favoritku James Corden (The Late Late Show) kak! Dia lucu bgt + his carpool karaoke videos are super hilarious.

    I also enjoy Good Mythical Morning's "Will It" series. Jadi dia kaya nyoba normal dishes kaya pancake, pizza, dll tapi pake ingredients aneh2 gitu.

  3. I watched both Adele's carpool karaoke and the Ariana's impersonations and they're both amazing vids! x

    Lina /