Thursday, May 26, 2016

I've Got a Crush on a Jeffree Star

At first, I thought Jeffree Star was just a liquid lipstick brand and I was not into the colors that the brand came out with; there was a green, a blue, and a white(!!!!). Not to mention that the design of the packaging was quite unusual for my liking. The liquid lipsticks then became the talk of the town because more and more people on every social media platforms were going nuts over those lipsticks. During those time, about a year ago now, a liquid lipstick called Androgyny was hyped up by a lot of people as well. And it did tickle my fancy as well. Can you not guess what shade it is?

Apparently, Jeffree Star was a real person and he had been on Instagram for long and YouTube for even longer. However, I hadn’t been particularly bold enough to stalk his Instagram feed (let alone follow him) and watch any of his videos on YouTube, until I got bored af of people whom I had been subscribed to (whom had always worn low-key, barely there makeup).

About two months ago, I decided to hit that subscribe button. Minutes later, I found myself scrolling through his old videos, then watching his Snapchat feed, and stalking through his Instagram photos. I don’t know what got into me, but now, I am constantly on the wait for his online presence. Can’t you tell that I love him THAT much?

I was quite intimidated when I saw him for the first time. I mean, his body whole body was almost covered in tattoos (not that humans’ exterior defines who they are, or that I’m against people with tattoos or whatever, but you get my point). Not gonna lie, that made me hesitant to watch any of his videos. But then, his name got mentioned a lot by Manny, Jaclyn, and Kathleen, and I couldn’t help but to finally watch his videos. And now, doing that is a part of my routine.

His videos are so entertaining to watch. He is so witty, and of course, genius at makeup as well. He sometimes invites his friends and film a ‘get ready with me’-styled videos with them, and all of them feature cake-faced makeup. I’m not really in favor of that kind of makeup, but this case is an exception. Looks like drag makeup isn’t that bad at all. As long as you are good enough to pull it off, though!

Any recommendations on who else to crush on? :)

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  1. I really like Jeffree Star as well - He's amazing at makeup and his pink hair is fab!