Thursday, June 30, 2016

Glow Baby Glow

When I first got into makeup, my greasy skin and I were told that the type of foundation that would suit my skin type would be those that offered a mattifying finish. I was also told that powders would be my best friend. So long story short, I pretty much spent my ‘early makeup days’ being all matte and err-thang and looking like I’d got this powder-like bits in all areas of my face that were prone to creasing.
I have seen and heard many times that people like me should/would want to steer away from anything that says ‘illuminating’, ‘glow-boosting’, 'insert other words from the thesaurus that share the same meaning as the other two', etc. Here’s the thing: I want dat glow. So I’m saying adios to anything that says ‘matte’--REBEL--and beginning to embrace the fact that I’m gonna look more like an oil-slick than I normally am. But hey, these days, I’d consider oily as a compliment.

Currently--well, more like when I’m in the mood to wear foundation--I use this technique that incorporates mixing a few drops of my SPOIL Organics Argan Oil into (about a pump of) my foundation. I just mix them together using my finger, dot the concoction all over my face, then blend in using my makeup sponge that looks like a Beauty Blender, but is not. Not only does the beauty oil sheers down the coverage, but it also enhances the skin’s radiance. I’m not talking about major glimmering, blinding glow, but more of a natural-looking dew.

But no. I’m not afraid to up my glow game, for I have the audacity to add Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight, Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid, and anything that is ‘shining’, ‘shimmering’, and ‘splendid’ to my makeup wish-list. Told ya, I want dat glow.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Today’s post is a bit special for me. Because yesterday, this blog turned 1! And I turned 24. This one’s gonna be sort of a reflective blog post, if you will, for I’d like to share with you the things that I’ve gained and/or facts that I’ve come to realize about in the last 365-ish days, blogging wise.

First off, I can damn write. Of course I’m 100% aware that my writings aren’t worthy of a Pulitzer, but I used to perceive writing as something that was scary, I wouldn’t even write anything at all. I decided to start this blog and write everything using my second language, because I thought that it’d made me easier to get my points across and I could also hone my English writing skill at the same time—well, mama also thought that it’d be cool if her writings could be read by other people from different parts of the world! Turned out that doing so has been really helpful for me to overcome the issue. I’ve also noticed that my writings have gotten better and better each time. I hope it’s something that you’ve seen as well.

And yes, my writings have gotten quite a bit of views from international audiences—man, it feels so weird to say that. There are even some of you who come from places that I haven’t heard of before, so that’s cool. My ‘page views’ number has also gotten bigger and bigger which is always fantastic to know, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to interact with you; exchanging comments, personally asking me about my opinions on certain products, and even meeting one of you guys in real life!—Hello, Faizah! (You see what I did there?) And not to mention receiving an email from one of the people I look up to YouTube! That felt so surreal.

Apart from all that I’ve earned so far through running this blog, there are still a couple of things about this blog that I wish I could alter. I have so so so so so many ideas, but I have not been able to put them into reality because I don’t have enough resources to do so. Maybe I can just do it, but it won’t be as perfect as I expect it to be. Hopefully, I can make my ideas come to life very, very soon.

Wow. Doing this for a year now seems unreal. Being able to stay committed to publishing my blog posts consistently at 8pm Western Indonesian Time on Thursdays seems pretty unreal too—except for the 4 times that I missed. Oops.

I think I’d wrap this post up with lots of thank yous; thank you for tuning in to this page, for taking your time to read my writings, for giving loves, thumbs up, and support throughout this journey, and just thank you for everything. In the future, I hope that you’ll be able to see ideas that I’ve come up with and probably reap some benefits from ‘em.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Velvet Ted... Not.

Meet Velvety Brown No. 14, a pinky-brown shade from the Wardah Matte Lipsticks range. When I first discovered this, I expected it to dry my lips out because it claimed to be matte. But once applied, it was definitely non-drying at all. In fact, my lips felt moisturized. So this definitely isn’t a true matte lipstick. I applied it straight from the tube and it wasn’t dragging my lips or tugging them; the bullet glided smoothly over my lips.
As far as opacity goes, one swipe was enough to reveal its full pigmentation. This shade lasted on my lips for up to 3 hours with eating and drinking in between, before the color on the edges of my lips began to fade. This wasn't transfer-proof or smear-proof, though. I also felt like the moisture wore off as the time went by, which was expected.
Around 2 years ago, I saw someone on Instagram being told by @puchh on the comments section to mix this number with another Wardah lipstick shade from the same range called Maroon Lovers No. 10, a deep maroonish red. Later on, I went to the nearest Wardah counter, purchased my first lipsticks ever, swiped on No. 14 on my lips, and dabbed No. 10 over the top. It then created this gorgeous red-berry shade, so beautiful that I couldn’t help but stare at myself in my compact mirror for a good minute. #TBT
So, if you’re on the hunt for an ‘everyday’ lipstick shade--or just any lipstick shade, really--that has a pretty decent quality but you don’t want to break your bank account at the same time, check out the ones from this range.
Oh, and they smell like vanilla cupcakes too.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Line

There were days where I would never leave the house without lining my eyes. So when I nearly ran out of my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, I freaked out. Well, kind of. Here’s the thing: I don’t have the luxury to peruse on a Sephora store that carries all the brands that are available on their webstore. So, here in where I live, trying to get KVD products is a little bit of a pain in the ass.

After I completely finished the entire thing, I made peace with the fact that my eyes needed to be cat-flicks-free (what a tongue-twister right there). So it was just brows, lips, and done. One day, a friend of mine bought this new eyeliner pen from a local brand, which was the Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner. It seems iffy for me at first, but I tried it out and I actually really liked it. It literally had me at hello. The staying power is insane. It sits on ‘it will stay on your lids for dear life’ within the longevity spectrum.

It took me months until I finally purchased one. It was not that easy for me to move past KVD -- #HardlineFan. Packaging-wise, it’s similar to that of KVD’s in that it is a pen. Although, the cap doesn’t have that bouncy thing so you need to really make sure that it’s nice and secure once you close it, otherwise the tip will dry out. And yes, it’s not a brush tip, rather a felt tip. I much prefer the former though. This tip is not as fine and skinny as the KVD ones. And this is something that I really struggle with, especially when doing feline-flicks. However, because it’s easier to get my hands on this one instead on KVD, I ain’t gonna turn into a Debbie Downer. Besides, the price of this product is MUCH cheaper than the KVD ones. It’s only IDR 70k a pop!

The color is jet black and pigmented. It does take quite some time to set so make sure to not blink after you finish drawing your lines, especially thicker, more graphic lines, otherwise it’ll transfer to your brow bone (been there, done that). It’s also seriously waterproof and will last all day. Even so, removing it is not a hard job. Just splash a bit of your dual phase makeup remover onto the cotton pads, gently press them against the lids for about 30 seconds, and wiggle them a bit. Sometimes if I’m extra lazy, I just remove them using a facial cleanser, and remove the entire makeup altogether.

All in all, it’s not the best pen eyeliner out there, but I’ll manage to get the most out of it. It’s just nothing really compares to KVD Tattoo Liners! Seems like it takes a lot for me to be impressed with pen eyeliners.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Don't Worry, Be Saddie

Last March, a new local brand called Rollover Reaction released a line of affordable liquid lipsticks. The launch was surrounded by such a huge hype, that it made me quite skeptical to dip my toes in the water. However, after seeing lots of positive reviews online along with lots of people’s pouts on Instagram, I decided to make my mind up and make a sneaky little order.

There are 5 shades in the lineup and all of them are in the nudes family. All of the shades are apparently named after the women mentioned in The Beatles’ songs, and Saddie is the only shade that draws my attention. And by now, I’m sure you’ve already guessed what kind of color that is.

Other than the lipstick shade, the box that it comes with really excites me. I personally really like the design of it, and I’m not gonna throw it away for sure. It’s a simple, small white cardboard box with random strokes of the lipstick shade and golden lettering. Apparently, it’s their newest box design. The old ones were much more plain and not as exciting.

The actual product is housed in your standard tube-with-doe-foot-applicator packaging and it has a faint vanilla cake fragrant that can only be smelled during application. The texture is slightly mousse-y and you can get full opacity in just a single swipe. The application itself is also very smooth and not streaky or patchy whatsoever. Also, during this stage, my lips feel a bit hot. Idk, am I supposed to describe it as a tingly sensation? Because my lips literally feel like they are... hot. Not like on fire, spicy hot though. But again, I can only feel the ‘hotness’ during application. Weird, yes?

There’s also another weird thing. This shade in particular is described as ‘a soft nude mauve’,  but it pulls peachier and warmer when first applied. After it’s set, however, it starts to look like the said description. I think it does oxidize. Again, idk. And again, weird. I just hope that I didn’t get a dud one and that it’s a normal case with these lipsticks!
It also says that it has a ‘velvety matte’ finish and I couldn’t agree more with that claim. So, yay to a non-drying formula! That being said, keep in mind that it's gonna leave lipstick prints on anything that touches your lips. 

On my lips, it feels very lightweight, it almost feels like nothing. Lasting power is great too. It can stay on my lips for up to 8 hours. When I eat, drink, and talk a lot, it does leave a white ring on my lips though. But no biggie, for I can always re-apply.

You can use this as a blusher as well and trust me when I tell you that the smallest bit goes the loooongest way. The other day, I tried to put this onto my cheeks, but I went a bit too overboard with it#ClownFaceAlert. But it was nothing a bit of foundation and a buffing brush couldn’t fix. Once it was on, it showed a lovely flush of pink on the cheeks. I didn’t bother to test how long it was gonna last on my cheeks, for I am a type of person who gets greasy throughout the day, likes to blot her face, and has to wash her face every now and again.

In a nutshell, for such an inexpensive price, it is indeed an incredible ‘lip and cheek cream’. I don’t think I have anything bad in particular to say about this item, apart from some mentioned weird cases. If nudes aren’t your cup of tea, you don’t have to worry for I heard that they’re coming with deeper, bolder shades later in the future. You also don’t need to worry when you layer the product on your lips or purse your lips together, for it’s not gonna crumble. Now, if that isn’t good enough to make your mind up and hit that ‘order’ button, I don’t know what will.