Thursday, June 23, 2016


Today’s post is a bit special for me. Because yesterday, this blog turned 1! And I turned 24. This one’s gonna be sort of a reflective blog post, if you will, for I’d like to share with you the things that I’ve gained and/or facts that I’ve come to realize about in the last 365-ish days, blogging wise.

First off, I can damn write. Of course I’m 100% aware that my writings aren’t worthy of a Pulitzer, but I used to perceive writing as something that was scary, I wouldn’t even write anything at all. I decided to start this blog and write everything using my second language, because I thought that it’d made me easier to get my points across and I could also hone my English writing skill at the same time—well, mama also thought that it’d be cool if her writings could be read by other people from different parts of the world! Turned out that doing so has been really helpful for me to overcome the issue. I’ve also noticed that my writings have gotten better and better each time. I hope it’s something that you’ve seen as well.

And yes, my writings have gotten quite a bit of views from international audiences—man, it feels so weird to say that. There are even some of you who come from places that I haven’t heard of before, so that’s cool. My ‘page views’ number has also gotten bigger and bigger which is always fantastic to know, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to interact with you; exchanging comments, personally asking me about my opinions on certain products, and even meeting one of you guys in real life!—Hello, Faizah! (You see what I did there?) And not to mention receiving an email from one of the people I look up to YouTube! That felt so surreal.

Apart from all that I’ve earned so far through running this blog, there are still a couple of things about this blog that I wish I could alter. I have so so so so so many ideas, but I have not been able to put them into reality because I don’t have enough resources to do so. Maybe I can just do it, but it won’t be as perfect as I expect it to be. Hopefully, I can make my ideas come to life very, very soon.

Wow. Doing this for a year now seems unreal. Being able to stay committed to publishing my blog posts consistently at 8pm Western Indonesian Time on Thursdays seems pretty unreal too—except for the 4 times that I missed. Oops.

I think I’d wrap this post up with lots of thank yous; thank you for tuning in to this page, for taking your time to read my writings, for giving loves, thumbs up, and support throughout this journey, and just thank you for everything. In the future, I hope that you’ll be able to see ideas that I’ve come up with and probably reap some benefits from ‘em.


  1. Yay Sabrina!! Congrats on your 1 year :) :)

    xx F

  2. Congratulations on achieving one year.! I turned one last May and like you it has been a big exciting learning curve and made me feel like the world is getting smaller as we all make connections :)

    1. Thank you, sweetie! And congrats on your blog's 1st anniversary as well! Yep, I definitely feel like I know everyone now. Thank you for your comment!


  3. Keren :D Happy first blogversary :D

    Aah.. I feel you.. Menulis itu awalnya selalu menakutkan :D
    membaca postingan ini membuat hana tertarik untuk nulis dalam bahasa inggris juga..
    apa berubah haluan ya?
    hm... :/

    Sekali lagi selamat Nad :D Keep up the good work :D

    1. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Hanabe! Ayoo dicoba ajaa, just write what you want to read :) selamat juga yah atas desain baru di blognyaa! Best of luck buat Hanabe!