Thursday, July 28, 2016

The A to your Qs

I’ve never gotten so many questions about a lipstick. Case in point: the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #13 Marvelous Mauve. Thanks to this lovely little number, I’ve also received a lot of compliments every time I wear it. There’s a reason why it’s called marvelous.

I do own too many mauvey-pink lipsticks. Some appear more blue-toned on my coloring, some look warmer on certain lighting. But this one has got to be my most favorite of them all (bold claim there), for it’s the perfect shade of mauvey-pink for me. At least that’s what I think. But hey, others seem to love the color as well anyways.

I think it was Lily Pebbles who got me hooked on the lipstick in the first place and googled for lip swatches. I could be wrong, though. But what certainly is true is the fact that not only does it look good on the lips, it also feels good on them. This liquid lipstick is not gonna suck the life out of your lips. It has a creamy, almost mousse-like consistency than can be applied onto your lips using the doe foot applicator that’s really easy to work with. It lasts a decent amount of time too. But it really depends on what and how much you eat and drink. You all know this, don’t you?

I’ve also got another shade from this range called #14 Blackberry Sorbet that I’ve talked about before here and is hiding somewhere inside my mother’s purse. I was pretty surprised when she asked me to help put that color on her the other day. I thought it might be something that she wasn’t gonna like. But apparently she was digging it. Okay I’m getting all over the place here...

Lily and I are not the only ones who rave about this product. Look it up everywhere and you’ll see Estée, Amelia, and other people singing its praises. Whichever the shade is, this entire lineup is marvelous indeed.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When You’ve Only Got 5 Minutes…

…or less.

Have you ever been working under a tight deadline? Or maybe, is ‘procrastinator’ the phrase that describes you the best? I’m sure that we’ve been in a crunch time situation, regardless of who you are, procrastinator or not.

When time isn’t really your best friend, makeup-wise, I’d like to go minimal—actually, more often than not, I only wear minimal makeup. Again, I believe that I’m not the only person who’s been through this situation, judging by the amount of “5-Minute Makeup Tutorial” and “GRWM: Running Late!” videos on YouTube.

Sometimes, I’d just roll without any makeup on. But there are days when I’m lazy but want to look a little polished. Usually, this only involves filling my brows in and swiping a lip color. If I fancy some wing-liner action, I’d also don it. But these days, I feel like I lose the dexterity to paint that wing on (and I don’t have the KVD Tattoo Liner at the ready) so I rarely use eyeliners. So, it’s just brows and lips. I’d never skip the latter.

You see, I love my mauvey-pinks. But lately, I’ve been gravitating towards reds. It’s true that a red lip looks great with any makeup look for any occasion. There’s this je ne sais quoi about rouge lipsticks, don’t you agree.

I’m working on something that centers on this particular shade. Keep your eyes peeled for that. ;)

Phew, 8 minutes left ‘til the writing deadline.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Quick One

As far as 2016 goes, there are only 2 things that have been the most exciting for moi;
1. Nailing how to make a finger-lickingdare I say, plate-lickinggood cilantro dipping sauce, and  

The best part about the latter was... everything, really(!); starting from setting a new learning curve, receiving schweet schweet on- (and off-) line messages/responses from some of you, to knowing that someone would take the time to watch what I created, share, and give it a 'thumbs up' (which was pleasantly surprising! And is something I'm forever thankful for).

Now, what’s next? Making a guacamole dip? Or shall I do hummus instead? Oh, and perhaps, VidCon? We shall see…

Thursday, July 7, 2016

"My Directorial Debut" LMAOOO

I had always wanted to create a movie. But I didn't have all the state-of-the-art gears, the proper editing software, let alone the adequate skills and knowledge to actually do it. So I just waited until some sort of a miracle came in the form of my brother helping me out with the shooting process. Then, I did the whole editing shebang, which was a whole new learning experience for me─and surprisingly, a quite enjoyable one! I'm totally aware that this video is not A1 whatsoever. It's not even nearing what I've always pictured in my mind. But now, that doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that I just managed to finally reach one of my biggest milestones; creating a movie─which feels like shedding a tear. And glorious.

Besides movie-making, makeup happens to be something else that I'm very interested in. So, it's only fitting for me to create a motion picture that centers around makeup! 

I'm not sure why, but on Android gadgets, the colors on this video look a bit off─boo. So I reckon that it'd be best to view this video on anything that isn't Android. Oh, and make sure to watch it in HD to get the utmost quality. And please get comfy.

If you're wondering, here are the things that were featured in that video:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara 

And these are the featured songs, which I thought were pretty d0pe:
Love Mode by Joakim Karud
In My Life by Paris Jones

I really had fun creating this 2-minute-ish video and I hope you did have fun watching it! I'd like to know your thoughts after hitting that 'play' button, so just hit me up anywhere you can find me. Obviously, there's still more to learn. But believe me, I've got even more and more contents to create!