Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Quick One

As far as 2016 goes, there are only 2 things that have been the most exciting for moi;
1. Nailing how to make a finger-lickingdare I say, plate-lickinggood cilantro dipping sauce, and  

The best part about the latter was... everything, really(!); starting from setting a new learning curve, receiving schweet schweet on- (and off-) line messages/responses from some of you, to knowing that someone would take the time to watch what I created, share, and give it a 'thumbs up' (which was pleasantly surprising! And is something I'm forever thankful for).

Now, what’s next? Making a guacamole dip? Or shall I do hummus instead? Oh, and perhaps, VidCon? We shall see…

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