Thursday, August 25, 2016

Online Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Listening to online podcasts was never a thing for me. Until I spent too many sleepless nights and just craved for some entertainment. I wanted for something that I could just listen, but I didn’t want it to be just a song. I don’t exactly remember how, but one time, I stumbled upon the Modern Love podcast. I’m sure you can already tell what the podcasts are all about; Love. There, you can listen to any kind of love stories you can and cannot think of. It's not aren’t necessarily my favorite podcast though. However, there’s a chance that you might be interested in checking them out, right?

Actually, as I’m typing this, I just remembered that it was Ingrid Nilsen whom told me firsthand about the said podcast. Speaking of Ingrid, she and her friend, Cat Valdes, are the co-hosts of Ladies Who Lunch, which is another podcast that’s been my favorite (Ugh, how coincidental. And fitting!). This podcast has been around for awhile but like I said, podcasts weren’t my thing back then. Of all the podcast recommendations in this post, I have to say that this one’s my most favorite. They mostly cover topics that are very central to female, I guess. Listening to them talking on each episode has definitely helped me gain a further understanding about women, feminism, and everything in between. Some of the talks I found really thought-provoking. Not to mention that I personally love Ingrid because she’s really cool. And smart. And beautiful. Such an icon...or should I say, a #BAE?

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, being business women, and all that badass stuff, definitely check out Girlboss Radio. Yep, you guessed it. Girlboss Radio is hosted by Sophia Amoruso, the writer of #Girlboss and founder of Nasty Gal (can she be any more badass?). My favorite one is the latest one, which features Suzy Batis. Who? You might ask? Suzy’s the founder and CEO of Poo~pouri. Basically, it’s a spray that you use to make your toilet smell like gardens before you do your "business". Just listen to the podcast. The backstory to this revolutionary product is really inspiring (and interesting!).

Last but not least, I recently just discovered this podcast by Jess Lively. On her website, there’s this section called The Lively Show. And under it, you’ll find a selection of podcasts that discuss career, blogging, wellness, relationship, money, food... and all other great stuff worth pressing that ‘play’ button.

I feel like not many people talk about these kinds of stuff on the Internet so coming across these was like discovering hidden gemstones worth raving about, for each story/discussion/podcast is very eye-opening and inspirational. Oh, and often times they do help me fall into my slumber. I feel like a 4-year-old (times 6) brat who listens to bedtime stories in her pink Hello Kitty nighty again.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

3 Things I Wish Would Magically Appear Right Before My Eyes

Accio makeup. And all things beauty.

Ever since I saw Judy's video about her review on the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks, I've been looking for swatches of the shades Stepping Out and Big Spender all over the web. The former is this gorgeous brownish pinky nude and the latter is... a mauvey-pink color. I know. Old habits die hard.

Speaking of habits, lately, I've been digging smoky eyes for everyday. I used to wear it to work but a male friend told me that the eye makeup was a bit too much and he thought that I looked better with softer eye makeup. So there was a period of me not donning a purpley smoky eyes from 9 am to 6 pm on work days but I never skipped eyeliner. Somehow, the spirit to wear smoky eyes again is revived now and I've been looking up images under the hashtag of #UrbanDecayNakedSmoky on Pinterest and Instagram. Never thought that I'd be so interested in that palette, for the colors look feistier compared to other naked palette. But hey, I am a bit too much. Sometimes.

Have you seen Estee Lalonde's latest #FemTalk video? She did mention my name and respond to my question and that was really something that I didn't see coming! But what is much anticipated is her upcoming book titled Bloom. I obviously love watching her YouTube content, but her writings are also another thing about Estee that I really enjoy reading. I've been reading her blog since the era, and the way she worded everything on her blog is just light and beautiful. Not to mention the cool photographs in it.

There are lots of other things that I want to mention but I'll wrap up this post right here. Hope I did a pretty good job at keeping things light and beautiful here!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Brows On Fleek

Looks so much better in real life though. BELIEVE MEH.

In November 2015, the ever so stunning/gorgeous/divine/beautiful Mariah Leonard posted a picture of her donning this mega cool ombre brows. She created that specific look using the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette. And I thought one day, I’d strive to recreate that look. Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to recreate all of Mariah’s look. Like, she’s basically my makeup Mecca. My makeup God.

Fast forward to 2016, just about yesterday, I saw Bretman Rock’s instavideo thing (or whatever it’s called) showing him going to school with super glittery, gilded brows. Here’s the thing; I had never been into glittery, sparkly makeup. But after seeing that clip of Bretman’s, I just wanted to bathe myself in glitter—I wanted that touch of Midas.

I’d had this loose purple eyeshadow from a local makeup brand that had been sitting on my table for the longest time, yearning to be put to good use. I tried using it once to create DIY eyeliner but it was a fiasco. However for this particular, I thought it’d be perfect. Of course, it wasn’t gonna adhere to my brow hairs on its own. So, I used a regular glue stick as a base (the one that looked like a twist-up lipstick tube). I just positioned the tube so the surface that would glide over my brow hairs was just the small edge of the tip, then I ‘painted’ the glue over my brows using small strokes. I was afraid that the glue would dry quickly and not give me enough time to apply the loose eyeshadow over the top, so I worked the glue in in small sections. But it turned out that the glue didn’t dry quickly, so there wasn’t any problems with that. Then, I used my EcoTools Concealer Brush to pack on the loose eyeshadow on to my brows. I did use a patting motion, because dragging/swiping the brush would cause major catastrophe—eyeshadow fallout.

I was surprised to see myself in the mirror after the application, but I was even more surprised by how easy the application process itself. To finish the entire look off, I paired it with a red lip and lashings of mascara. I initially thought of putting of a 90’s Kylie brown lip, but opted for a red instead. It looked a bit too much, and I was okay with it. I’m fine looking a bit too much.

I think this look would look so much more ethereal if you’ve got glittery, full-on ‘shimma-shimma’ eyeshadows at your disposal, or maybe, the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette. Seriously, I’ve never wanted so much glitter in my lyf.

If you’re wondering, I removed ‘brow makeup’ using a sandalwood oil, because I ran out of my regular olive oil. Any oil would work just fine, though. I poured a couple of drops onto my fingers then gently rubbed them over my brows VERY GENTLY. I didn’t go barbaric during this step, because I didn’t want to be left with no brow hairs. After that, I wash my entire face using my regular facial soap. And my brows are still intact, mind you.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Newfound Love(s)

About three things that I’ve discovered/been loving in the past week;

1. Into The Glossier. Who would’ve thought listening to podcasts could be such an enjoyable thing to do? I stumbled upon a podcast in which Emily Weiss shared a story of how Glossier, her makeup and skin care brand/company, was brought to the lives of what she called “generation Instagram”. Or any #MakeupHoarder, really. She (seemed like she) bared it all on how she started off working a corporate job while running her blog, Into The Gloss, everyday from 4 – 7 in the a.m., the heyday of Glossier, how she raised the money, all the nine yards. None of Glossier’s products have tickled my fancy but I love the brand’s concept. I really like the way they market their products too. Don’t get me started with their cute names, especially the Balm Dot Com. You know me love some puns. Oh, and the packaging is just… I can’t.

2. YAS, HONAY! I discovered Jackie Aina’s channel on YouTube as I was reading through the comments section on one of Jamie Paige’s videos. Apparently, Jackie’s channel became more recognized after publishing a video, in which she featured black-owned makeup brands. I think it is such a cool idea to feature products that are not yet well-known, but are actually really worth the hype. It’s kinda the same as finding a hidden gem stone in a within a plethora of… oh you get the idea. I also love her as a person, for she’s got some SASS.

3. Pussy! Just because a movie is so star-studded, doesn’t mean it is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please remove the rock you’re living under. For me, the things that are going on between the Task Force X members and are happening behind the screen are far more entertaining than the flick itself. I’m talking interviews, behind the scenes… well, mostly interviews. I’ve watched most of them. Well, most that featured Joel Kinnaman, rather. Can I get one at IKEA, please?