Thursday, August 4, 2016

Newfound Love(s)

About three things that I’ve discovered/been loving in the past week;

1. Into The Glossier. Who would’ve thought listening to podcasts could be such an enjoyable thing to do? I stumbled upon a podcast in which Emily Weiss shared a story of how Glossier, her makeup and skin care brand/company, was brought to the lives of what she called “generation Instagram”. Or any #MakeupHoarder, really. She (seemed like she) bared it all on how she started off working a corporate job while running her blog, Into The Gloss, everyday from 4 – 7 in the a.m., the heyday of Glossier, how she raised the money, all the nine yards. None of Glossier’s products have tickled my fancy but I love the brand’s concept. I really like the way they market their products too. Don’t get me started with their cute names, especially the Balm Dot Com. You know me love some puns. Oh, and the packaging is just… I can’t.

2. YAS, HONAY! I discovered Jackie Aina’s channel on YouTube as I was reading through the comments section on one of Jamie Paige’s videos. Apparently, Jackie’s channel became more recognized after publishing a video, in which she featured black-owned makeup brands. I think it is such a cool idea to feature products that are not yet well-known, but are actually really worth the hype. It’s kinda the same as finding a hidden gem stone in a within a plethora of… oh you get the idea. I also love her as a person, for she’s got some SASS.

3. Pussy! Just because a movie is so star-studded, doesn’t mean it is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please remove the rock you’re living under. For me, the things that are going on between the Task Force X members and are happening behind the screen are far more entertaining than the flick itself. I’m talking interviews, behind the scenes… well, mostly interviews. I’ve watched most of them. Well, most that featured Joel Kinnaman, rather. Can I get one at IKEA, please?


  1. I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing these, I cannot wait to check out the podcast and YouTube channel :)

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