Thursday, September 29, 2016

Not a Pretty Neutral Look...

...but still really pretty, though.

Why so gorgeous?

I was scrolling through the Instagram feed the other day and came across this lovely image posted by Ellen a.k.a. @prettyneutral. What captivated me the most about her photo was this mesmerizing blueish eye makeup that she was wearing (as pictured above). Thank goodness she did a blog post about all of the product breakdown as well as the step-by-step guide to achieve that look. I really wanted to create a look inspired by it using whatever I had in my makeup arsenal, so I did. Pretty much.

The focal point of this entire look was obviously the blue eye shadow, but the one that she wore on her Instagram photo was looking rather grayish (at least to me), so I thought the Slate shade from my LORAC Pro Palette would work just fine for this look. But before that, I put on my Wardah Staylast Waterproof Gel Eyeliner as sort of a base on my mobile lid and blended the edges using a blending brush. This would help the Slate shade that I’d put over it appear more vibrant. After patting the eye shadow that I had layered over the ‘base’ using a flat eye shadow brush, I went ahead and blended the edges again, put a second layer to make the color even more poppin', and did my final blending. Next, I took a bigger blending brush, dipped it into Sable, and worked that into my crease using circular and windscreen wiper motions alternately. For the lower lash line, I just used a pencil brush to pack Slate all over it, then wiped my brush quickly on a tissue paper to remove any residue before going in with Sable once more to smoke out the lower lash line. In the picture, Ellen was also wearing false lashes. However, I just couldn’t be arsed to wear falsies, so I just applied lashings and lashings of mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I really wiggled the wand at the very base of my upper lashes and tried my best to resist the urge to release the mascara wand upwards and outwards, as my goal was to make my lashes as va va voom as possible. I wanted the ‘thickness’ to be concentrated at the base of my lashes, and my attempt was rather successful. I'd say. 

Finally, ze lips. She had this beautiful orangey shade all over her lips. I reckoned that my OFRA Miami Fever would be a pretty spot on duplicate for it, but I felt that a more subdued (or nude, I should say) glossy lip would tie the whole look just as perfect. So, I busted out the Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in Liar from my makeup drawer and painted my whole lips with it instead.

I was pretty jolly with how it turned out. Thanks to Ellen for being an awesome inspiration! She’s such a hidden gem in the #InstaBeauty world. I mean, look at these disturbingly beautiful makeup looks that I wish to recreate some time later:

Those duo-chromatic eyes tho.
I can't deal with this level of etherealness.

Really loving her taste/style/looks in general! Also, if you’re into makeup and skincare stuff that are considered greener and friendlier to the environment, I think you’d really love her content. 

Oh, almost forgot to mention that I also popped some shimmery champagney eye shadow onto my inner corners, just because I was extra.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Objects of Desire

Have you ever wanted a makeup product so badly, that you wouldn’t stop yourself from looking 58 similar pictures of it every single time?

*raises hand*

I think about makeup products each passing minute, However, there are only 3 specific things that hold a special space not only in my makeup drawer, but also in my heart.

The first one being the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. I think it was Estee Lalonde who got me hooked on it in the very beginning. Then, I searched and searched for more online reviews on YouTube and whatnot, only to find more and more people singing its praises. There. I was even more convinced about how great the product was, and all I thought about was how to get my hands on that thing. Long story short, I already finished my second product long, long ago and I’m really looking forward to drawing cat-flicks using the Tattoo Liner again.

Then, we have the NARS Audacious Lipstick in the color Anna. Everyone used to rave about it and I did find some who claimed that it had the best lipstick formulation of all time. I was really into mauvey pink lip at that moment... okay. I lied. I still am. I don’t remember exactly what got me into that product in the first place, but I remember typing #NarsAnna on Insta and Nars Anna Lip Swatch on the YouTube search bar every single day back then. After getting the actual product, I understand what the hype was all about. It was beautiful. Not to mention the ultra gratifying magnetic closure.

Now, I’m in the middle of this ‘phase’ again. Everyday, I find myself looking for pictures/reviews of the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram... basically every corner on the Internet. Homegirl really wants that thing reaaallll bad. Oh the downside of living in a third world country...

Or maybe it’s just me who’s always wanted makeup that’s so hard to get hold of.

*Googles more swatches of the Smashbox liquid lippie*

Thursday, September 8, 2016

YouTube is My Lyf

In this digital age, there's no denying that people spend most of their time on the world wide web. Here in Indonesia, or at least, Jakarta, Path happens to be one of the most used social media apps. I have it installed on my phone but I rarely use it simply because I'm not fascinated by the contents posted by the people whom I'm 'friends' with--they're just boring as phuck. It's a different story with YouTube, though. It's like air, water, and electricity for me. I may talk about lipsticks and eyeliners a lot, but it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in other subjects/things the world has to offer. For instance, this pint-sized prodigy named Brielle who was featured on The Ellen Show several times. Besides making me go "ooooh" because of how adorable (and hella clever) Brielle was, these videos also made me learn some fun facts about chemistry. Oh, FUN FACT: on a chemistry exam, I used to just write my name and slept until the exam time was over. Such a teacher's pet.

A few days ago, Riga introduced me to Key & Peele. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet; just watch 2 videos below and you can thank me later.

Laughing improves your cardiovascular health anyways, right? You're welcome.

Oh, if you fancy some 'makeup-ey' YouTube picks, click here.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Brow-Related Post Cuz It's the Age of the Brows

If I were asked "What's the thing that's dramatically changed the beauty industry?", my answer for now would definitely be "Brows". Or rather, "Cara Delevingne". Ever since Miss Delevingne started the Brow (On Fleek) Revolution, a lot of people have been dying to transform their sperm-like, non-existent brows into thicker, bushier, caterpillar-esque brows like the ones that she's blessed with−There's a reason why Charlotte Tilbury named one of her brow products "Cara D". To accommodate market demands, the beauty industry have provided inventive products like brow powders, pencils, and pomades, just to name a few. There's even this thing called eyebrow tattooing, which I reckon would be ideal to those who'd want much longer-lasting results. 

Personally, I like natural looking brows and prefer working with powders to achieve my desired look. I've never tried brow pomades and have never been trying them because I suppose it'd be 'too much' for my brows; I feel like it wouldn't be as easy as powders to work with and my brows would look too overdone in the end. However, if that's your thing, you do you. Assumptions aside, I still would like to try filling in my brows with pomades someday.

The other day, I was doing my wing using the Wardah Staylast Waterproof Gel Eyeliner on my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush. I rarely use this particular eyeliner because it doesn't live up to its claims (boo). Not to mention that it doesn't glide on smoothly. But that's just another story. Anyways, out of curiosity, I then decided to fill in my brows using the said/pictured product and brush. I loaded the brush with some of the eyeliner, took off the excess on the back of my hand, and then drew hair-like strokes on the sparse areas on my brows. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! My brows looked a lot defined, not in a revolting and overdone way, and I somehow loved them. Shade-wise, I thought that it'd would look way too dark and 'harsh' on my brow hairs, but it looked just fine. 

Even though it's not formulated specifically as a long-wearing, waterproof brow product, I think it's a pretty good alternative that can be used to make your brows look fuller and more defined. The Zoeva brush makes the perfect combo for this technique, for I found that it was so easy to maneuver. I think I'll be doing my brows this way only on days when my face won't have to get wet.

How would you prefer your brows to look? Will sperm-like brows or 1920s flapper girl brows make a come back? Who do you think would start the revolution?