Thursday, October 6, 2016

Take It, Take It All

What a boring product shot.

The other night, I was wearing quite a ‘heavy duty’ eye makeup, which involved products that claimed to be indelible (and a lot of dirty brushes, obviously). Normally, I’d just use a bi-phase makeup remover then cleanse my entire face altogether using a facial wash. But this time ‘round, I wanted to use something different, that was the Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion by Estee Lauder. It was gathering dusts in my mother’s stash anyway, so... I was just being a good daughter and make the most out of everything, you know? I was a bit nervous prior to using it. Is this thing gonna burn my eyes? But I ended up squeezing a dollop of it and gently rubbing/working it into one side of my eye. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was at melting those waterproof gel liner, lashings of mascara, and 678675 layers of eye shadows away. And the best part was that it didn’t sting my eye. I repeated the same step to my other eye as well as to my self-acclaimed waterproof lipstick that I was wearing that night. After I started to look like a panda, I washed my face using my regular facial wash. And that was that. No remnants of makeup detected afterwards. A regular, dual phase makeup remover would do the same job, but like I said, I was feeling something different. Besides, this was much quicker, easier, not to mention that I didn’t have to waste a single cotton pad. Win win win. Now, if only this was the case with cleaning all those dirrty brushes...


  1. This sounds great, I love cleansers that actually do the job and easily. I might have to look into getting this.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

    1. It is a good'un! Thanks for your comment, Zeynab!