Thursday, November 24, 2016

There's a Magnet for Your Lips

Have you ever searched here, there, and everywhere for a lip swatch of a particular lipstick shade, for weeks, and daydreamed about it?

Around 4-5 weeks ago, looking for a proper lip swatch video of the Armani Lip Magnets was sort of an impossible mission. I tried looking for lip swatches on Google, searching for #lipmagnet on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook… but only a few people talked about these bad boys back then—and all of them said that these were amazing. Also, I couldn’t remember how many times I had gone back and forth to the Selfridges website, just to check if a certain shade was back in stock again. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, the lineup started to appear on the Sephora website, with only 2 reviewers giving their two cents—and 5 stars—and more and more people were starting to make YouTube videos and write blog posts about ‘em. After I was sure that I had enough information to make my final decision, I made my mind to purchase what a lot of people said to be the most unique lipstick to date. And boy were they right.

Currently, the product is swimming under my makeup bag. I intend to slap it all over my lips any time of the day because it is that good and I just love the ritual. The shade in question is 507, also known as Garconne, which is described as a ‘mauve berry’ , Here’s the thing; after so many times I’d spent on researching for lip swatches on different skin tones (I was gonna spend a fortune on an Armani product, so this shit better be above and beyond), I was pretty adamant that 507 would float my boat. Initially I wanted to get 506, but I was afraid that it’d look like my other 96347 mauvey pink lipsticks. 600 was also beautiful, but I reckoned it’d look way too berry on me. So, 507 it was. On me though, the shade pulls more pink that it does more mauve. When I put it on for the first time, I didn’t really love it. But, I’m trying to give myself some time to love the color because this shit ain’t cheap it’s growing on me. Believe me.

In terms of packaging, I’m not really a huge fan of the red cap thing. I don’t know, maybe the Armani guys thought the red cap would make these stand out from their competitors. Although that’s a good point, it just not something that I’m into. But the applicator, though! GURL. The hefty price tag justifies this aspect well. It’s not your typical doe-foot applicator. I’d say it’s shaped like a diamond/teardrop because it has a V-shape point that makes applying product completely fuss-free. Getting the cupid’s bow and the edges of the lips right has never been this easy. Everrrrr. There’s also a stopper inside the bottle so you’d get just the right amount of product to coat your entire lips. And that goes to say that the shade’s pigmentation deserves a thumbs up. Usually, I go with 2 coats because I’m extra.

Formula wise, it’s really unique. Upon application, the texture feels like water. But about a minute or so later, the finish feels kinda satiny and not at all watery. Maybe it’s due to the water evaporation process which eventually makes the pigment and oil stick onto the lips like magnet—like everyone’s been saying on their sponsored content. So even though it claims to be matte, it definitely isn’t drying even after hours and hours of wear. Also, it feels sooo lightweight on the lips, like I almost have nothing on ‘em. It says to be transfer-proof as well, but I notice a very minimal transfer. And no need to worry about it getting all over your teeth!

The lasting power of this lipstick really depends on how much you eat and drink as well as what type of food you eat. One day, I put this on at 12pm. A plate of fried rice, glasses and glasses of water, and a total of 6 hours later, the color was still pretty much there. Obviously, it didn’t look as full on as when it did on 12pm, but it had faded evenly and left my lips looking like stained. Maybe that’s why it’s called lip magnet. The following day, I had Sate Domba Afrika with this lipstick on. I thought all the grease was gonna remove the lipstick, but it only made the center part of my lips look faded. I pursed my lips together to sort of even out the lip situation, and then they look as if I had just applied my lipstick on. Did it blow your mind? I thought the word ‘magic’ was not mentioned in the ingredients list.

There really is nothing negative that I have to say about this product. It really is amazing. Now, why do I feel like the shade 600 wouldn’t be too berry for my liking…

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Have Fun, Nomad

This picture was taken when I was standing in the middle of Shibuya’s busy (yet beautiful) streets. 

I used to watch travel vlogs very rarely on YouTube, but in the past couple of days, I’ve been really into watching them. I’ve even subscribed to a travel vlogger, and her name is Aileen. And she’s all kinds of awesome and beyond.

I think she and I are the same age. What’s really cool about her is her background story on how she got into being the digital nomad that she is today, which you can check out more on her blog/videos. I also find that her videos are such a joy to watch because they’re short, which I totally appreciate. Not to mention that I absolutely adore the way her videos are edited and her songs selection. The latter makes the entire experience so amusing. Here’s her latest video of her Hong Kong trip. 

If only hitting the ‘Esc’ button can get me elsewhere in an instant.