Thursday, December 8, 2016

My All-time Favorite Flick

It was a Friday night and I was wanting to watch some movies. I wanted something that wasn’t mind-bending, Christopher Nolan-ish type of thang, so something casual and laid-back. I wasn’t feeling the Hollywood vibes, and suddenly the urge to binge-watch on Thai flicks suddenly kicked in. Google then led me to this movie called Freelance (a. k. a. Heart Attack) and after seeing a rather handsome lad (Sunny Suwanmethanont) pictured on the movie’s poster, I immediately hit the play button. 2 hours later, I was head-over-heels in love with this movie. And the said lad. Basically, the movie followed a story of a 30-year-old freelance graphic designer named Yoon (Sunny) who got ill after working for days with no sleep, saw a doctor (the insanely gorgeous Davika Hoorne), had a little crush on her... but there was a twist.

Apparently, this motion picture was directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, who was also known for directing some of Thailand’s indie movies. I didn’t know how the hell he did it, but he did it good with this one. I mean, there must be good reasons behind why this movie won soooo many awards. It is THAT good. Now, allow me to share with you my personal opinions as to why this movie should be on your priority watch-list...

1. Eargasmic soundtracks/scores.
This had me at hello. And goodbye. Nawapol and the whole gang  did an absolutely brilliant job of selecting the songs to complement the scenes. Most of the songs are just amazing. But the one in particular that I’ve been listening to while I’m taking a shower, preparing my meal, and basically doing everything ever since I saw that movie is Sol by Napat Snidvongs.

2. The somewhat realistic story, acting, everything.
There are small details that made the movie seemed so realistic; Yoon’s cracked iPhone screen, a computer desktop that was filled with lots of shortcuts/files, repetitive use of certain wardrobes, even the makeup as well. The actors and actresses portrayed their roles impeccably. I especially love everything about Je (Violette Wautier) and the scene where Yoon and Je... ah, you’ve got to see it yourself! Told ya, there was a twist! Oh, I also love love love the cinematography.

3. It was hilarious af.
And very, very entertaining indeed.

The only negative thing about this movie is the fact that it had to end. God I wish it never had to! It makes me feel that I’m at this state where half of me wants to live inside the movie, but at the same time the other half of me knows that it’s just a movie and that I’m stuck on this reality that I can only wish Nawapol would direct. You see, it does things to me, this movie.

Stumbling upon this movie was definitely one of this year’s highlight o’ mine! Huge thanks to ma homegurl Shirin for getting me this book!


  1. Wonderful post. x

  2. I think I've heard my friend talking about this film but I didn't really pay attention. Might have to ask her for the movie. Btw, when I saw ur second pic I thought I've seen the actress and indeed I have! I saw her in Pee Mak. It was a horror comedy film, definitely more funny than scary!

    1. You definitely should check out this movie! And yes, she did appear in Pee Mak! I haven't finished watching Pee Mak, but one day maybe I will.

      Thank you for your comment, Fatia!

  3. Great post!