Thursday, January 26, 2017

Finally A Bridesmaid: I've Never Felt Prettier

One of my closest friends was getting married and I had the honor of becoming one of the bridesmaids. Honestly, I don’t really understand the concept of being a bridesmaid, at least in where I live or how it’s implemented here. But let's save that story for another time.

5 years ago, back when kebaya kutu baru wasn’t on trend, I was scrolling through my Facebook home page and came across a photo of this girl wearing a white satin kebaya top with red floral pattern on it. I didn’t know the proper name of that outfit, but I had always thought of it as granny’s kebaya. You know, the ones that our grandmas used to sport way back when. Apparently, it was called kebaya kutu baru. Ever since I saw that photo, I had always been wanting to wear a kebaya kutu baru that’s made of satin with flower prints all over it. 5 years later, I finally got to wear one! It was a beautiful, satin royal blue top with floral prints. It looked even prettier paired with the lilac selendang (scarf) and the kain batik that the bride gave to me as well. My 1/4 Javanese side of me was so channeled.

Damn. I look cute AF. Admit it :)

I got my hair did by Houzcall, an app that Adani introduced me to. Basically, it’s an app that allows you to experience at-home salon treatments. My hair inspo came from after seeing Olivia Palermo’s Golden Globe photos; that braided updo with uber sleek middle part. Her hair also reminded me of one of the looks that Sophie Ellis-Bextor rocked on her Catch You MV, which was something that I had been wanting to pull off myself. However, I told the hairstylist to not make the parted hair at the front too too flat. 286 bobby pins later, I looked like modern-day Njonja Meneer. And I was feelin’ maself.

Now, onto the more exciting part; the makeup! Adani actually did my makeup. I don’t remember everything that she put on my face, but I enjoyed the whole experience. She started off with my eyes first, layering different shades of brown, going darker and darker as she made her way to the outer corners of my lids. I believe she used a light-colored shimmery eye shadow as well on the center of my lids as well. If I’m not mistaken, the shades that she used were taken from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. She also used different kinds of eye brushes and none of them felt scratchy whatsoever; I enjoyed the whole experience. Once this part was done, I looked into the mirror and thought that the eye look was so Adani. It’s true what they say that an artist’s self really reflects on his/her works (she loves her warm, chocolatey browns!). And I loved it. The shadows was blended to a tee, the edges looked seamless. She also popped some falsies on my top lashes and hid the lash bands by using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. On my lower waterline, she used the Urban Decay eyeliner (I forgot which lineup it was from, but the shade was called ‘Perversion’), which glided really smoothly. As for the brows, she filled them in using ABH Brow Wiz.

On my face, she used Shu Uemura foundation, Urban Decay concealer, RCMA powder, Becca highlighter, plus a pinkish Hourglass blusher and some bronzer/contour powder that I can’t remember. For the lips, she used the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare over the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk; a mauvey-pink combo (girl definitely knew me). Finally, to seal everything in place, she sprayed MAC Fix+ and Makeup For Ever Mist & Fix over mah face My face felt like a million dollar. It may sound like a lot of products but it honestly looked somehow undetectable. I’ve never felt prettier.

I was peppered with compliments from my friends (and my Go Car driver). Seriously, my makeup was THAT good. The lip color didn’t transfer when I was drinking and it remained pretty intact throughout the event (until I chowed down the fried rice, dendeng balado, braised beef with the most delicious potato side dish, cheesy chicken dish...). The greasy meals did remove the color on my lips a bit, they were left with a pretty pink stain afterwards. I just touched em up with my Armani Lip Magnet. No biggie.

I said it and I’m gonna say it again; I’ve never felt prettier. Huge thanks to Adani for doing my makeup! Her pace, if you will, when she doing my entire makeup was quick, but I wasn’t feel like she was rushing herself whatsoever. She works quickly in the best way possible. Lady was a real pro. My makeup looked fab in real life (people be staring. Or was it just me? HAHA), great in photos, it even lasted through wudus.

So ladies, next time you have an important appointment or if you just wanna look like a badass version of yourself, I highly recommend booking a session with Adani. Be sure to head over to her Instagram profile as well. You'll be swooned by her makeup #flatlays. Oh, did I mention that she blogs too?

I’m not sure if I’m gonna stop obsessing over the makeup that she did, but the Kat Von D liquid lipstick is on my top to-buy list for sure.


  1. Keren banget MUA-nya Nad πŸ‘ tarifnya brp if i may ask? 😁

    1. Bagus yaa Mba? Waktu itu free of charge nih Mbaaa. Tapi kalo mau tau lebih lanjut, mungkin bisa liat instagramnya trus email diaa

  2. This is too much! You're too sweeeettt. I'm happy you liked it! Btw alismu aku pake Holika Holika Skinny Wonder something pencil (70 ribuan sajah). <3 See u next time Naaddd

    1. Waaah gw kirain ABH Brow Wiz... Bagus!!! Thank you for doing my makeup and I reallllly loved it :""") Good luck and see youuu

  3. You look so pretty ! Glad you had a great time. xx