Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not a Lolita, but Still is Bonita

If you’ve been an OG reader of this blog, then you’d know that the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is one of my holy grail makeup items. Looks like it’s also everyone’s favorite liquid liner, because it is that good. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are also raved by many #LipstickHoarders out there. I had been wanting Lolita since forever, but I’d already got a disturbing amount of mauvey pink lipsticks. Besides, many people had been saying that the color of this Lolita was more gray-ish compared to the first batches ever of this shade, and I was not in the mood to look like a corpse. After I got my face made up by Adani’s magic hands, I had a thought of getting Double Dare, which was the prettiest warm pink that would be perfect for everyday wear. I then changed my mind because somehow, I somehow wated something that was not within the ‘MLBB, easy peasy, low-maintenance’ color scheme. Red had always been the color that would look great on anyone. So I went for it.

You see, red can be daunting for some people, because a lot of bold-colored lippies require high maintenance and are often associated with special ocassions, evening events, and all that jazz. Some of my close friends were once told that they look like they had just drunk blood because they were sportin’ bold lip colors. I’d say wear whatever you feel you look good in and comfortable wearing. Simply don’t give a fug about what those naysayers have to say :)

Mmmkay. Enough with the ramble. So yeah, I then did some research about which one to get; Outlaw or Underage Red? They looked like they were the same thing. But I ended up asking my gorgeous, gorgeous friend, Cica (whose hair I’ve admired since OBM days #BanggaJadiAnakUI) to pick up Outlaw for me instead of the other red.  

The liquid lipstick is packaged within this slim cylindrical tube. I really like the design of the cap, which looks like a rose ‘tattoo’ imprinted on it. The wand is quite long, which felt weird when I first used it, but I think I’m used to it now. The color is something that I would describe as a true, classic red that never goes out of style. You see what I did there?

The texture is thin, but by no means liquidy. It’s not moussey either, so I guess it’s somewhere in between those ends. It dries down to a nice matte finish that is never gonna dry your lips out. Once it sets, it’s not gonna accentuate your the lines on your lips and it’s not gonna ball up. It’s glorious.

The formula is transferproof. But once your lips come in contact with those greasy dishes, the color will transfer/removed. And by ‘removed’, I mean not as full on as how it looks after freshly applied on your lips. I wore it to 3 different occasions where I had the pleasure to devour lots of greasy meals. Those meals definitely remove some of the color from my lips and make them look butthole-ish, but in the most flattering way possible. The lipstick did feather just a tiny bit, but nothing a simple rub with a finger wouldn’t remove. Also, the color didn’t migrate all the way to my chin, which was awesome. Reapplication is also such a bliss with this one. Adding another layer won't cause any crumbliness or flakiness.

I have been wearing this number almost everyday since the day I got it. This is the most low-maintenance red lipstick that I have ever slap on my lips. Once again, Kat Von D proves that she makes one of the best cosmetic formulas in the market. She’s gonna release a new range of lip liners anytime soon, and I’m so getting one of ‘em. Or maybe three? Ah, Lolita's gonna be one of my picks for sure.