Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something with a Bling

Last week’s post was about Something Flowery. Now, I’m serving you ‘Something Blingy’. The inspiration behind this came when I was scrolling thru my Flipboard app -- on the Beauty section, obviously -- and found a picture of a girl, wearing the just the exceptionally ordinary makeup look, with what looked like small silver rhinestones sprinkled under her eyes and I just had to recreate that look someday. Well, that day finally came. So when I went to that one store in Pasar SuGi, I purchased some small rhinestones. I got the lilac-ish ones, the amber ones, and the one with this beautiful blue/purple shift to it. I also picked up some slightly larger ones in an emerald-ish green color. I didn’t have anything planned i mind, so I just chose whatever looked stunning to my eyes!

The face makeup was exactly the same as the one that I did for my previous post. To stick those rhinestones to my face, I used the same adhesive and I just have to say it again here that I frikkin’ hate the smell. Anyhoo, initially I was trying to mimic the positioning of the rhinestones seen on the inspiration picture, but apparently mine were bigger so I reckoned it wouldn’t be as cute. So, again, I just place everything randomly underneath the eyes, around the upper inner corners, and between the brows. And voila, I was embellished.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I didn’t want the face makeup to look exactly the same as my floral look, so I thought I’d make some changes on the lips. I felt that this look called for something glossy, so over the already existing Jouer Terra, I layered the Urban Decay High Revolution Gloss in Liar over it.

Then, I kinda wanted to see how it’d look if I put a red lip on, so entered the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw.

And again, I took about 45982 selfies afterwards. You didn’t get your face embellished everyday so why not maximize the use of your front-facing phone camera? Right? Right.


  1. Both looks are amazing! I like these better than the flowery ones<3 my fave is the first look. So pretty x

    1. Aw, thanks for your lovely comment and for taking the time to read this post! x

  2. It looks soo pretty! Did you get a chance to wear it out? I'd love to hear how people reacted :3

  3. Gorgeous! I've seen this done with what looks like goldleaf as well and it looks really stunning too - I'm sure it would really suit you!

    Curated Theory